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  1. English Bowman

    6th in the World Championships

    Just so proud of a student of mine that I had to post here. Anna Catling who came to the club as a complete beginner 2 years ago, and I've been coaching since has just competed in the World Archery 3D World Championships for Great Britain. She made it through the qualification and first...
  2. English Bowman

    Compound Bow Apollo Tactical bow set

    I don't usually venture into the compound section, but a club member turned up last week proud of his Apollo Tactical bow and accessories. Does anyone know anything about these? My first impressions are that it's cheap and nasty. I looked briefly at the bow, which was meant to be 28" but seemed...
  3. English Bowman

    Fort Purbrook FITA Field

    Hello all, just a quick heads up to those of you on here who shoot GNAS field, the entry form for the Fort Purbrook shoot is out now. Last year it took a week to fill up, so if you want to shoot at the Fort the form is on the Fort Purbrook and GNAS Field facebook pages
  4. English Bowman

    [English Longbow] Longbow seminar in Portsmouth

    Pip Bickerstaffe will be presenting a seminar on longbow archery at Fort Purbrook on May 31st. It will start at 10am and finish at about 4pm I know that this is short notice, but there are some spaces left. Subjects covered will include; The medieval war bow, and modern target longbow its...
  5. English Bowman

    Fort Purbrook Shoot 2013

    Just a quick announcement that the Fort Purbrook shoot is now full. If you want to enter, pm me and I'll let you know if anyone drops out.
  6. English Bowman

    Target archers, why don't you do GNAS field archery?

    I'm not looking to create a thread where one side of the sport knocks the other side, but I was having a discussion with someone at Raven Field Archers' open field shoot last weekend about how to attract more people to field archery, and I think to do that we need to know what puts people off...
  7. English Bowman

    British World Championship success!

    I thought I'd post this here rather than in the field section as I think it deserves as wide an audience as possible. Congrats to the British Field team at the World Field Championships for some brilliant results. Alex Bridgman - Jnr Gents Compound Jon Shales - Gents Recurve Bronze Naomi...
  8. English Bowman

    An article in our local newspaper (& online)

    We were recently interviewed by a reporter from Portsmouth News for an article, and although they didn't get everything 100% I think that they did a pretty good write up, if you're interested in the report it's here Archers take aim! - Lifestyle - Portsmouth News
  9. English Bowman

    Fort Purbrook FITA Field 2012

    Just a quick heads up to AI members that the entry forms for the Fort Purbrook Field shoot are out now. The shoot is on the 11th/12th August and was over-subscribed last year, so if you want to come I'd advise getting the entry in sooner rather than later. If you've got any questions feel free...
  10. English Bowman

    [English Longbow] BIckerstaffe longbow seminar in Portsmouth

    Pip Bickerstaffe will be presenting a seminar on longbow archery at Fort Purbrook on February 25th. It will start at 10am and finish at about 4pm Subjects covered will include; The medieval war bow, its construction and use, How to make a longbow, with a film showing the techniques used. How...
  11. English Bowman

    Help identifying replica crossbow.

    I have been given an old crossbow, and I would like to know more about it. All I know about it is that it was made by someone who made replicas for museums, but I don't know if this one is a replica of an historical weapon, or if he just made this one for fun. If anyone has any ideas of if...
  12. English Bowman

    No Ifs Just Butts

    Does anyone have a number for these people, as I hear that they make superb foam bosses, and we are in the position to buy some? (Or can anyone recommend any alternative suppliers of layered foam bosses?)
  13. English Bowman

    Fort Purbrook Field Shoot, 13/14 August 2011 (GNAS)

    I've just uploaded the entry form for the Fort Purbrook 2011 Field shoot. This will be a 2 day FITA round, Arrowhead and Record Status. We will be using more of the Fort than last time, and if you want accommodation there are rooms available in the Fort for only ?10 per person per night. (You...
  14. English Bowman

    New GNAS Field Shoot at Fort Purbrook

    Fort Purbrook will be holding a Foresters round on the 3rd October. This is a new venture for us, so there's a steep learning curve, but it should be good. We have the whole of a Victorian Fort to play in, including the ramparts and the tunnels under the Fort, so there should be some good shots...
  15. English Bowman

    Sad News - Bob Gunther

    I've just been told that Bob Gunther passed away last night. :weepy: He was known to me as the man who taught me how to shoot. He ran the target club that I started with. He was also the man who first put a longbow into my hand and showed me how to use it. He introduced me to field archery, and...
  16. English Bowman

    GNAS All British Field Champion

    Last weekend was the GNAS All British and Open Field Championships, and I came home with 2 Gold medals. I kept hold of the Gent's Longbow Championships, and was on the winning England team for the Home Nations trophy. What with the weather being perfect, and my shooting groups on both days...
  17. English Bowman

    FITA / GNAS Barebow rules question

    One for the GNAS judges here. Is the type of bow-sling that buckles onto the riser legal for GNAS / FITA barebow & trad? I know that finger and wrist slings are legal, but you could read the rules in such a way to exclude the buckle on type of sling as it is attached to the bow. The reason I ask...
  18. English Bowman

    Any GNAS Field MB archers out there?

    If there are, what sort of badge did you get? I got this today; Surely that can't be it, can it? :jaw-dropp Should there be another part to it? I don't want to seem ungrateful but if that's all you get I wouldn't have bothered claiming. I want my badge to say Master Bowman, shallow I know...
  19. English Bowman

    How not to hold super-glue.

    I'm posting this for someone who I know reads this forum, although I don't know if they post or not and shall rename nameless unless they want to claim the Fonz to go with their GMB! They have decided to go to bare-bow from trad, so have bought some ACEs and were fletching them using Easton...
  20. English Bowman

    Made M.B.

    I have just filled in the forms and sent them off complete with score sheets to claim my MB. I have also sent off the forms for one of the club members I've been coaching, he had to go one better though and is claiming GMB. Now who said that coaches can't shoot properly, and coach to a high...