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    Best fletching Jig for making wooden arrows

    Managed to get a lot of advice on here with regards to making wooden Longbow arrows by reading lots of threads. Got some arrow parts and tools on order with Merlin and the Longbow emporium. Now I have a Decut 'Norman' fletching jig which i have used successfully on Carbon/Aluminium arrows but...
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    Right Wing / Left Wing Feather Fletchings

    Apologies if this has been asked before !! Just about to embark on making my first set of wooden arrows for my wifes longbow. Currently trying to source first set of components and noticed you can get Right Wing & Left Wing feather fletchings. Can someone explain what this is and what difference...
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    30grain Parallel fir Brass Points - where to get them

    I need to replace some brass points on my wifes Longbow arrows. These are 30grain brass points and I think they are 'parallel' fit (the end of the arrow is just reduced to smaller diameter) so the point just slides over the end. The shafts are 9/32" diameter. Had a look on a most of the usual...
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    HMA Archery Targets/Bosses - anyone used them

    Hi All, looking for some new foam targets at our club, wondering if anyone has used these before, and how they compare to Pro Boss ? - Professional Archery Targets - We create YOUR Target Thanks
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    X10 shaft weight compared to ACC's

    Looking at the Easton spine charts, I am a bit surprised to find that the X10 is about the same weight as the ACC arrow. I know the ACE is the lightest but was expecting an improvement with X10's over ACC's. So this leads me onto a couple of questions: 1. will a set of X10's give me any...
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    Limbs Formula Limbs F7's or Quattro

    Hi All, further to my recent post about not being able to hit 100yds with my 70" Formula Excel setup, and considering changing to medium limbs to make a 68" bow. I now have the opportunity to maybe get hold of either: Medium 36lbs F7's hardly shot but over 2 years old or a set of Medium 34lb...
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    Limbs Draw length V Bow length

    I have a question regarding what draw length nececcitates the move up (or move down for that matter) from a 68" bow to a 70" bow. Current set up is Hoyt HPX 25" with long Formula excel limbs, just increased the pountage to 36.5lbs on my fingers through the clicker. Arrows are ACC (need to check...
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    [RECURVE] W&W HMC 22 Long/Short rods - how to remove the 1/4"-20 UNC grubscrew from the end

    W&W HMC 22 Long/Short rods - how to remove the 1/4"-20 UNC grubscrew from the end Win & Win's HMC 22 stabilisers use the smaller 1/4"-20 UNC thread for weights/dampers. Wanting to use a 5/16"-24 UNF screw for larger weights etc, but really struggling to get one of the screws out from the end of...
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    National Series Early Entry

    Anyone got any idea why some archers outside of the UK top 30 ranked list have got early entry to Legs 1 & 2 of the National Series ? A quick check of the current entry's implies there are Male Recurve, Male Compound & Female compound arches already entered who don't appear in the top 30...
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    [RECURVE] AAE Gripper Adjustable V-Bar - T-Bolt not long enough

    Hi All, just picked up an AAE 'Gripper' adjustable V-Bar second hand. When I have come to attach it to the riser, because of the thickness of the V-Bar, the T-Bolt is not long enough to go through and screw in to the riser ferrule. The V-Bar came with a standard Hex Socket Head Cap screw, which...
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    [Horsebow] Anyone know where I can purchas a relatively cheap Horsebow

    Hi all, looking for a cheap (ish) horsebow for my son, currently a recurve target archer, but looking to have a bit of fun shooting at a longer distance target bit like clout. Was told that E-Bay was good but looking to spend aroung ?55 max, from E-Bay (China) they are all over that price then...
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    Tuning X10's with a 72" prodigy - Arrows impacting left at 70M

    Hi all, got a bit of an issue I am struggling to understand on my daughters set up, apologies this is long but best to provide all info, hopefully saves you all asking further questions: Initial set up: Right Handed Hoyt Prodigy, 27? riser long limbs (quarto) making a 72? bow Braced at 8...
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    Best way to remove arrow wraps from ACE shafts

    Hi All, I have a set of 8 ACE's arrows that have Bohning wraps on them and X-Vanes. Been excellent set and only ever lost a fletching from one arrow. However, decided to change to XS wings and struggling to get the wraps off. Can anyone offer any advice on the best way to remove them leaving no...
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    Looking for a new Spotting Scope - advice required

    Hi All, I am looking to purchase a new spotting scope in the next couple of weeks, anyone got any advice on which is best, what they already use and could recommend, think I might have upto ?150 to spend but will need a tripod in there as well.
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    Shibuya Ultima Recurve Sight - Rattling on release

    Hi All, I have a Shibuya Ultima recurve sight, used it on my old Holy Eclipse riser for 2 years with no problems. Just upgraded to a GMX riser and all of a sudden I have a rattle/vibration on the sight block (the bit that does the windage and elevation). Done all the usual checks for loose...