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  1. jonUK76

    Tuning forks?

    Superb I would say. He sounds like a very decent fella. So I guess they wanted to charge you duty, handling charge, and £100+ in VAT on a $10 item?? :LOL: Sounds like the actions of an inexperienced seller hoping to make a profit on an insurance claim if the item goes missing, without...
  2. jonUK76

    Indoor longbow

    As long as you're not damaging the stands or excessively chewing up the targets I can't see any issue with it. The actual energy it'll be hitting the target with is going to be a lot less than a 60 lb compound and plenty use those indoors.
  3. jonUK76

    Registering a beginners' course with Archery GB

    I believe you have to log in to Sport80 using your club account, and go through the "Add have a go & course registrations" dialogue in the "have a go & course registrations" section. If you haven't got the right access, the club secretary may need to set that up for you. AGB support is...
  4. jonUK76

    Win & Win compounds?

    Thanks for the response. It's a hypothetical question at the moment, just thinking ahead :) So limited availability and little communication to suppliers from the manufacturer then, by the sound of it. Out of interest I don't suppose you know what the difference is between AZ and EZ cams...
  5. jonUK76

    Everything is going left.

    I recently had something similar when changing my setup for the indoors (different arrows, 600 spine 28.5" carbons, and I installed my weaker 36 lb limbs) which was a setup I used successfully last year. I'm fairly confident in the bow alignment having set it up with those tuning fork doodad's...
  6. jonUK76

    Win & Win compounds?

    Any views on these or even better anyone have any experience of using one to share? I was just browsing, and saw some of these up for sale and they piqued my interest. I really haven't seen much opinion on these, bar the odd Youtube video from a shop selling them. In the target range, things...
  7. jonUK76

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    I see. Well the club can set their own rules but should be open to explaining how it's worked out anyway!
  8. jonUK76

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    If it's like ours it's for handicap improvement during a season rather than outright "best archers". In my club it tends to favour beginners who improve rapidly (and crucially, who also hand in enough scores to get initial and final handicaps....). It could also favour archers who start the...
  9. jonUK76

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Feels good but not so good for the wallet :) Yep it was a single hit, the arrow is very skinny (~5 mm) and the incoming arrow split the nock down the middle and caused the pictured damage on the pin. 3 Spot targets like this 60 cm are good once you get to a point that you're regularly breaking...
  10. jonUK76

    From the Lions' Den - A freestylers' journey.

    Commiserations on the arrow! Considered using 3 spot targets? It's a perennial problem with indoor shooting but shooting in 3 arrow ends, at individual targets is probably the safest way. Here's one I did last year with one of my Avalon Tec Ones.... The arrow of course was fine but the pin...
  11. jonUK76

    What makes a riser an amazing riser?

    At the base end of the market, a lot of the risers are made using a cheaper method (cast) and these are not as strong as ones that have been forged. They often have draw weight limits - e.g. the base level WNS riser comes with a warning not to use it above draw weights of 40 lb. Even if they...
  12. jonUK76

    what is it about carbon foam?

    My main limbs both came from eBay - 36 lb Winex's which were very lightly used but in great condition and won for a bit less than half the price of a new pair, and some 42 lb Uukha's EX1's which according to the seller were bought and then only shot a few times before he realised they were too...
  13. jonUK76

    what is it about carbon foam?

    If a limb manufacturer only offers a particular model of limb up to 38 lbs it's likely more a marketing decision than an engineering one. You can buy limbs which are cheap, very mass produced in weights to 60 lb or sometimes more for bows aimed at the hunting market (e.g. Samick Sage and...
  14. jonUK76

    String loop sizes for Uukha Limbs

    Thanks Thom. I'm new to the string making game but have been practising making Dacron strings for the club bows. The "default" size I've been doing for recurves is 3" for the bottom loop and 3.75" for the top (using this video as a guide - ) but I felt they're too large for my Uukha limbs, as...
  15. jonUK76

    String loop sizes for Uukha Limbs

    I have a pair of Uukha EX1 Evo 2 which are Curve profile limbs. Anyone here own Uukha limbs and make strings for them? If so what loop sizes do you use? I am currently using a factory (AMO standard) string and find the top loop in particular much too big (I can slide it most of the way down the...
  16. jonUK76

    "Correct" arrow length

    What is the shortest that you would suggest cutting arrows? On my recurve setup, I'm currently using A/C/C arrows which have been cut to 28.5" AMO, with 100 gr points. The points are fairly long and add at least 1/2" to the arrow length, possibly a bit more. I have my clicker set to very...
  17. jonUK76

    A/C/E - which points would you get?

    Just a hypothetical question at the moment regarding Easton ACE's. Is there any strong disadvantages or advantages with going for break off points vs the inserts and matching screw in points? A few things I was wondering like the screw inserts appear to be very very long - which should give a...
  18. jonUK76

    Received some old bows as a gift - anyone heard of Western Archery?

    I was recently very kindly given some old archery stuff by some relatives, including two one piece recurve bows. I believe the kit dates from some time in the 70's. Certainly that is when I understand they were shooting them, and I don't think the bows have been used in at least 35 years. The...
  19. jonUK76

    Spin vanes - better to use a wrap or not?

    I've recently used Mylar spin wings (Kurly Vanes) for the first time on a set of carbon arrows I made up. I like the way they shoot etc. but I notice the tape lifts quite easily from the carbon arrows. They are not falling off, but the edges lift quite noticeably over time (I can usually...
  20. jonUK76

    When do arrows have to be named and numbered?

    Quick one. Is there any class of target competition when arrows must be numbered and have the archers name on, or is it generally advisable to do it anyway? I.e. is it only record status etc. Cheers