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  1. Barry C

    Facebook Archery Score Pad

    I know some people here use this application but I just thought I would push it a bit more to people :D It was made by a member of our club Matthew Brown. It keeps your records and averages by season, there is a monthly league for every round and a team ranking for every round. Currently it's...
  2. Barry C

    Point Length

    Sorry if this has come up before I did a search and didnt find anything. I need to know the length of a 110gr x10 point and a 120gr navigator point for the bigger arrows [assuming that it is a different length from the ace point]. Need to buy some arrows online you see and cant work out the...
  3. Barry C

    Crusty gnas dress code - bottoms

    I just recieved my copy of AUK. I read a letter in the back and it got me thinking. The first thing I thought is that the editor is totally out or touch with young people and made a snide comment that only men complain about the stupid gnas dress code. The second thing is what people think of...
  4. Barry C

    Essential Equipment for Outdoor shoots

    What do you take to shoots with you? I make sure I brink a popabivy, tea and sandwiches, my trusty chair and of course my bow. Do you bring anything more unusual? I once bought a portable to to also catch the F1.
  5. Barry C

    Push, Pull, Expand

    What do GNAS coaches teach? The Pull, the Push or Expansion? After reading through Total Archery last year and the Heretic Archer this year it seems an important part of the shot sequence but I never hear even a whisper or words similar from GNAS coaches, so it got me thinking what the current...
  6. Barry C


    Why did merlin change to wood grips, in the old days they said that a razor edge would be a perfect grip and their bows did have that kind of feel, so why the change to chunky wood? Does anybody know why?
  7. Barry C

    Old Hoyt Stabilisers

    If you look on the back page of the simple art of winning by rick mckinney there are some hoyt stabilisers. I can still buy them over here and the colours are cool. What were they like and what were they made of can anyone remember?
  8. Barry C

    Samick Power Ring

    The power ring. Is it cack or is it some new science unknown to academics that can improve you wellbeing. I have a feeling its crystal healing in bracelet form... Probably the power rings you buy in xxx shops are just as useful for archery... Not that I have ever bought one... I'm good at...
  9. Barry C

    Moving forward

    What realistic changes would you like to see made in our sport? I'm just dreaming but... I would like to lose the traditional flavour of recurve and compound shooting and try and bring it closer to being a sport - losing the robing hood and lord of the rings image that tarnished archery into a...
  10. Barry C


    I painted my old riser and all the paint chipped off. What paint is suitable, will car paint work? Does anyone have any experience?
  11. Barry C


    I have just refletched with some ff187. I measured the FOC. My arrow is 29 inch long. The distance from nock grove to balance point is 20 Inches. According to the Easton program that gives a foc of 18.9%</p> Before with spin vanes the balance point was 20.5 inch from the nock grove to balance...
  12. Barry C


    I'm going to change my fletch soon. I'm looking around for some ideas.</p>
  13. Barry C

    Post and Packing

    I sold my compound bow to a gentleman. What is the best way to pack it to go in the post? I htought lots of bubble wrap... But if anyone has any experience or advice I would gladly accept it.
  14. Barry C

    NAP Quicktune 3000 launcher

    <p align="center"><font color="#ff0000" size="4"></font></p><p align="center"><font color="#ff0000" size="4"></font></p><p align="center"><font color="#ff0000" size="4">NAP QUICKTUNE 3000 Arrow...
  15. Barry C

    Hoyt Cybertec</p><p align="center"><font color="#ff0000" size="4">Hoyt Cybertec Compound Bow</font></p><p align="center"><font color="#ff0000" size="4">Draw weight: 50 - 60 pounds</font></p><p align="center"><font color="#ff0000" size="4">Draw Length...
  16. Barry C

    Are mens and womens scores comparable?

    Just out of interest I intended to shoot a ladies fita for?a comparison, but in the end i only managed a long metric (a half fita 70m + 60m)</p> It was windy and the trees were blowing about, it was also raining and I had already shot 120 arrows with my 48# practice?recurve.</p> But I still...
  17. Barry C

    Samick Extreme

    These dont seem to be very popular which is strange, maybe because only Alternative sell them.</p> They are?very well made, with a fantastic pearl white finish. They are as smooth as G3, as fast or faster than G3 and a good ?100 cheaper! Everytime I see someone with G3 I think "fool" ;) They...
  18. Barry C

    Cartel Triple Button

    A few people in my club bought this to save money, what a mistake its total junk! It's made of super cheap metal and falls apart, in true Cartel old school style. Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, should have bought Shibuya ;)
  19. Barry C

    Beginner achievement

    Well done to board member Jamie aka .jpg</p> He hasn't been shooting long but for the last few weeks has shot nearly every day, and with only a little help bashed out a 526 portsmouth, while tired and his friends making jokes to put him off. Well done.</p>
  20. Barry C

    Precision Archery (Book)

    This is a book?for recurve and compound. Don Rabska has a nice section and there is one or two good sections about compound form, but overall I think other books do a much better job. It's a bit jack of all trades master of none.