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  1. DarkMuppet

    Berlin World Cup Gold match for GB Ladies!

    Don't forget to tune into the world archery YouTube channel at 8.30am on Sunday to watch the GB girls go up against Korea for gold! :D I was lucky enough to be in Berlin this week, I watched them squeak through a couple of shoot offs, Germany and a very confused looking Taipei on their way to...
  2. DarkMuppet

    Big money competition coming up ....

    Just when you think you have the measure of them, the Korean Archery Association ratchets it up another level. Starting on October the 20th they're holding a competition comprised of the top 160 archers in the country to compete for a prize fund of 440 million Wan !!! (nearly ?300,000) Makes...
  3. DarkMuppet

    [OTHER] Choice of two bows ... Osprey or Cobra ?

    Looking to buy another traditional bow for a bit of fun and I think I've narrowed it down to two .... So ... KG Osprey or Timber Creek Cobra. Both roughly the same price and recurve. I shot an Osprey a few weeks ago and thought it was very nice indeed, but I've not seen much on the Cobra apart...
  4. DarkMuppet

    Awesome new training bows.

    Has anyone else seen these? Being able to add all your usual sights and stabilisers to it so it feels just like your real bow. These would be great to use when you just can't get any shooting done due to location or weather. Pretty much the cost of a real bow though...
  5. DarkMuppet

    Oh Jin Hyek ... did he forget to sign his score ?

    I've just seen him relegated from about 5th down to last place (58th) and his second round has been removed and given a 0. I wonder what happened ? Recurve Men [After 72 Arrows]
  6. DarkMuppet

    TimberCreek traditional bows ?

    Just been browsing around the various archery shop websites to see what's new, and really liked the look of the new TimberCreek range of bows at a certain shop named after a Wizard. ;) Does anyone know who makes them, for them ?
  7. DarkMuppet

    Dodgiest eBay item ever !

    Win & Win RCX 100 Riser. Inno EX Prime Limbs. Quivers. 50 arrows. 3 bows. Cases | eBay Take a look at this and tell me if you spot it. Too staggeringly ridiculous for words!! :eye-poppi:melodrama:laughing:
  8. DarkMuppet

    Brady's ESPN interview

    Brady took quite a controversial stance on his ESPN interview yesterday and plenty of people and big names wading into the discussion. U.S. archer Brady Ellison outscores Mexico's Luis Alvarez but settles for silver medal Obviously he was very tired but does he have a point or is it a case of...
  9. DarkMuppet

    To qualify for the Olympics..

    With the world championships starting at the end of the month and the first opportunity for qualifying for the Olympics, does anyone know what the criteria is? ie what position does a UK archer need to get to get a slot?
  10. DarkMuppet

    Ki Bo Bae is a happy bunny today ..

    World Archery > NEWS > News After wondering where her archery career was going to go last year after failing to make national team (but back on this year), she stamped her authority at the Universiade Games today but putting down a 686 FITA 720 round during the ranking event and taking the...
  11. DarkMuppet

    Interesting Chinese skillshot gameshow. The 2008 Olympic Champion V top instinctive archer. Certainly better archers than that Lars guy .... :D
  12. DarkMuppet

    Errr! What?!

    I had a quick blast down the club this morning, wind was pretty strong so just stuck up a target at 30m and ploughed on. On the last end I thought for a laugh I'd throw down my 7 indoor FatBoys to see how far they'd drift ..... I was amazed that they went that much higher than my Carbon Ones...
  13. DarkMuppet

    W&W making "Formula" limbs ...

    A couple of interesting little bits of information gleaned from the Japanese blog ... The new SF Velocity limbs are apparently very similar in construction to the older (last years) W&W INNO EX Power limbs. No idea on the price of these yet but that can only be a good thing with the high tech...
  14. DarkMuppet

    New Win & Win bow.

    So W&W have unveiled their new riser and limbs this week. Wiawis Nano Max - Win&Win Archery - PROFESSIONALISM POWER & PASSION Wiawis One foam core - Win&Win Archery - PROFESSIONALISM POWER & PASSION No real change to the overall look of the riser but a different construction and weight...
  15. DarkMuppet

    New World records ..

    .. were set this week at the Korean Nationals (where else ... ? ;) ) KIM Woojin firstly broke the 70m distance record with a 352 and then followed it up with a perfect 360 at 30m and tied OH Jin Hyek's record, the X count was the same. Coincidentally enough the previous 70m record holder KIM...
  16. DarkMuppet

    Best book ?

    Can anyone recommend a good book on the tips, techniques and secrets of shooting a compound, preferably one that covers stuff from a professional point of view and not just a general book? There's plenty out there but I'd like some personal experience and is better (and cheaper) than taking...
  17. DarkMuppet

    Colombian clean sweep ...

    World Archery > NEWS > News I wish GB had a coach like this ... oh wait ... :blush: The Colombian squad had a month-long training camp in Mexico City to prepare for the Rosario event. It was far enough way from the athletes? home in South America to give absolute privacy, concentrate only on...
  18. DarkMuppet

    Ion-X tiller.

    A clubmate asked me to check his tiller on his bow last week (Ion-X with 44lb Quattro limbs) as he was sure it was wrong. It's a 27" riser with long limbs so 72" over all. The bottom tiller was 8mm more than the top. Something like 18.4cm to 19.2cm. Now I was of the opinion that it's usually...
  19. DarkMuppet

    New hoyt 2015 bows.

    Well it's that time of the year again, how time flies.. :) So Merlin have apparently revealed today that nearly all the top end Hoyt risers are being discontinued ion-x, HPX, RX and most surprisingly the GMX! (if this is really true they'd better have something REALLY good lined up.)...
  20. DarkMuppet

    New MK riser ....

    With thanks to Chris and x1440 at archerytalk, here is the new MK riser .... And it's probably going to be a bit of a game changer as it accepts both ILF and Formula limbs! :eye-poppi