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    Consistent anchor point

    unless you have a fairly short draw length to begin with, wont arrow length become a problem if you're drawing to (and possibly beyond) your ear?
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    A request about bow stands.

    Why not just use something like a tent peg stuck in the ground at an angle with the curved part over one of the legs?
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    Arrows aren't bullets

    Surely the overshoot and side safety zones discussed in the article are only (a little more than) what AGB target archers have (150 yds from shooting line to end of safety zone for bows shot with mechanical release aid) OR are we now saying that field archers wont miss as far as target archers?
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    Everything is going left.

    covering the obvious: #1 are you lining the bow string up with the edge of your bow sight at full draw?
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    garden set up advice please!

    Problem is that common sense isnt that common. Whats obvious to you might not be so obvious to the next guy. As a coach teaching beginners, I'm often amazed by the number of beginners who are surprised when I tell them (in answer to the "can I shoot my bow at home) that the hedge at the edge of...
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    One member on vote AGM 2019?

    I got my AGM pack this morning (why can't they put it on line in a pdf so ALL my members can read it?) Appendix B - Changes to system of voting Voting Members 7. Voting members shall be those members entitled to vote, namely (a) Adult members (b) one person nominated by each associated...
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    bamboo arrows?

    One of our longbow archers has bought some bamboo arrows. You have to look quite closely to see that they're not "wood" Are they allowed? AGB rules of shooting 206(d) Arrows. Arrows shall have wooden steles (shafts), shall be fitted with feather fletchings, and may have either horn-reinforced...
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    Register beginners courses?

    Register beginners courses? If you've received your winter copy of the Archery UK magazine, have you seen the bit about AGB's plans to get us to register beginners courses? Page 16 is all about changes to have a go regulations, but at the top of the second column its talking about a requirement...
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    AGB - One member one vote

    AGB - One member, one vote. This is probably the biggest change in the history of AGB/GNAS. Vote here: Read the full newsletter here:
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    Whats the 3m line for indoors?

    This happened at the EMAS indoor championships this afternoon. The lady in green shoots compound and was coming down on her shot. She didn?t realise that she had accidentally triggered her release as she came down, and her arrow ended up in the floor, as you can see. I?m posting this just as a...
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    What are other clubs doing about new members at this time of year?

    So, we've just finished a beginners course and some of the beginners want to join the club. So, do we charge them the pro-rata ?26 AGB fees for September and then next week ask them for another ?52 AGB for 2018-19? Do we charge them the full AGB fee for 2018-19 but tell them to go away until...
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    not all clubs play by the rules

    So, theres a new archery club been set up in my town. But, although they've joined Archery GB (well 3 of them have - we all know this trick) they havent joined the county and region. AGB say that this makes their insurance invalid, but they're shooting anyway. They've already downloaded the...
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    Back page of Archery UK magazine - DISTURBING

    Has anyone else read (and understood) Mark Davies' (chairman AGB) letter on the back page of the latest Archery UK magazine? Basically, it says that at the AGM, a vote was taken on an amendment to give members the right to ratify (agree with or reject) any increase in membership fees. The...
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    Quicks in leicestershire is closing

    I just saw on facebook that quicks at sapcote is closing. Shock
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    Arrow Holder Foam Blocks DIY?

    Photos of 3D printed arrow holder/container
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    Online renewal information for secretaries

    I got an email from Archery GB today telling me this: Isnt it a bit late?! Havent most clubs already done their renewals? Didnt most clubs find out that they still had to do the disclosure document AFTER their renewals were returned?
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    Moving single bosses?

    We've just bought 2 layered foam bosses for our compound archers who kept complaining about their arrows going through the straw bosses. When they arrived we discovered just how big they are and told the compounders that they'd have to do their own trolley run to fetch their 2 bosses in. I'm...
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    What else can clubs do with the new sport80 website?

    The new Sport80 website looks like we should be able to do much more with it than maintain members agb membership, but what? There's "Teams" but I cant find any info about what its for! Are "counties" an entity like clubs are? Can counties see a list of their members? Is there anything else...
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    AGB will NOT accept renewals if dates of birth are missing

    I have just received this information from our county about renewing membership.
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    Pressure Button Krossen Magic Zen - Anyone got one ?

    Anyone got (and using) a Krossen Magic Zen pressure button? How does it work? I've got one, can't understand the instructions and fear I may have lost a piece.