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  1. LionOfNarnia

    "Beat The Virus" Online Leagues

    OK, I've mentioned them in other posts but perhaps it's fitting to give them their own thread 🏹 My recommendation is the one fronted by R-Core - FAR more recurve/barebow/longbow friendly targets which can be generated according to the range you have available to you. The other is organised by...
  2. LionOfNarnia

    Should all club activities be cancelled?

    This be what I WhatsApp'd to my club group this morning... ...but what do the rest of you think?
  3. LionOfNarnia

    Commonwealth Games 2022: Archery events to be held in India
  4. LionOfNarnia

    "Archers' Knife"???

    A friend (non-archer) presented me with this. Apparently it was bought many years ago at a market/craft fair in the south of France & was described by the seller as an archers' knife (presumably bow hunter?) Has anyone got any insights into whether this is correct, or anything else about the...
  5. LionOfNarnia

    Baldrick vs Robin Hood?

    Maybe this has been posted before, it is from 6 years ago, but I'm sure there will be those who've never seen it. I came across it at random while taking a break from a dry 150 minute legal/political presentation, and found it eye-opening & fascinating. Now I'm re-evaluating everything I...
  6. LionOfNarnia

    Archery games on PC & Android?

    Wondering what experience people have of 'virtual archery'. I did some online research but the recommendations I've seen certainly weren't written by archers! Free is good (but NOT pay-to-win) Fun is more important that total accuracy - just something that's not annoying but will while away...
  7. LionOfNarnia

    Why we both love & hate 'muricans....

    A friend in Florida, a non-archer, tagged me in this on FB. Reposting in its' entirety here, without comment, "just because" ;)
  8. LionOfNarnia

    KINETIC ARIOS 2 RISER - Any good?

    Has anyone got anything - good or bad - to say about this riser? ...and more specifically, is it a reasonable step-upgrade from a WNS Axiom alpha for a roughly intermediate freestyler? (me, ofc!) (there are no online reviews I can find, just sales blurb) - Up until a few days ago I had the...
  9. LionOfNarnia

    Arrows aren't bullets

    I LOVE this kind of 'science'! Arrows aren't bullets So what d'y'all think about this statement:- "Having adopted a 'belt-and-braces' paradigm for range design, governing bodies are increasing the chances of incidents beyond the approved venues." The more restrictive the regulations are, the...
  10. LionOfNarnia

    Some ACE questions ;)

    Yes, I trawled the first 3 pages on this board and saw no mention of what I'm about to ask. I'm hoping to score some 2nd hand A/C/E's by the weekend. They are 28 3/4" 470 spine with 100 gr points. I'm going to re-sock/re-fletch them to my usual colour scheme with 1.5" Bohning Shield X-Vanes &...
  11. LionOfNarnia

    History of barreled shafts

    Excellent article from Bow International magazine. "ROLL OUT THE BARREL"
  12. LionOfNarnia

    70" 30#/40# RH recurve set. *SOLD*

    ...and it's *SOLD*
  13. LionOfNarnia

    [Discussion] Archery & 'Digital' Technology (What could go wrong?)

    So here's this weeks' discussion topic - IF (World) Archery decided to join the 21st C at last, and permitted anything that modern 'digital technology' could offer (within reason/plausibility) to be used... What do you think would be the BEST & WORST 'devices' that we could see on our bows/in...
  14. LionOfNarnia

    Wanted Fuse Carbon Blade 1oz/2oz weights

    I could do with a few smaller weights to fine-tune my set-up, I have plenty of big ones already. So if anyone has any gathering dust, gimme a nudge. Cheers!
  15. LionOfNarnia

    Archery shops - Are they taking the mick? (Online orders)

    On Friday lunchtime I made seven orders to different suppliers for car parts on eBay. All were notified to me as dispatched before 6pm. 2 arrived on Saturday, 3 more arrived today, the final 2 are due tomorrow. All were 'Free P&P'. The largest order was about ?25, the smallest less than ?3...
  16. LionOfNarnia

    The Masters Games

    What a brilliant concept for those of us 'who are a little longer in the tooth'! Unfortunately, I found out about the games way too late for this years' edition in Torino, and Japan 2021 is just too much of a journey to contemplate seriously. That leaves the 2023 European Masters in Tampere...
  17. LionOfNarnia

    Are these not totally BEAUTIFUL?

    Was posted to the Recurve Archery facebook group 20 mins ago. I've PM'd to see if they can be sent to the UK at a non-ripoff cost. They remind me of dragonfly wings & I WANT SOME!!!!!
  18. LionOfNarnia

    Wot da 'eck is a 'Griffin' round?

    Wot da 'eck is a 'Griffin' round? Here's the entry form, I kinda fancy the morning Western round for my 2nd compo anyway (It's a week after my debut compo) but I can't find anything online that tells me what a Griffin round consists of. Can someone enlighten me please? Also, it says on the...
  19. LionOfNarnia

    Competition advice/tips sought

    As some of you know, I have my very first compo in just over a month - The 'Newburn Open' - I'll be shooting a Windsor round. So I'd like to tap into the combined wisdom of those who've experience of compo shooting generally, and on one thing specifically... I know we only get 80cm to fit into...
  20. LionOfNarnia

    [RECURVE] 2nd hand Fuse Blades - What are they worth?

    I'm in contact on fleecebook with an archer in Zagreb, Croatia who is selling a Fuse Blade long rod + twins. When I asked about price he said "I dont know how much to ask for them. My friend quit archery and now he is selling his equipment, so it is not up to me." I've put a...