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  1. kennyp

    Bino sling

    Anyone know of a decent place to get multi coloured paracord Bino slings? Have checked all the archery websites and only found one that sells them for ?25 each. Have had a look on eBay and most seem to be U.S.A. companies , three must be one in the U.K.. cheers
  2. kennyp

    grain scales

    Can anyone recommend a decent set of grain scales?. Would like to start making my own arrows and weigh current ones as am changing arrow rest to a trophy taker and the choice of the three blades are arrow weight dependant. Cheers, K.P.
  3. kennyp

    what's the difference

    Hi folks looking for some advice, Am thinking of upgrading to a new compound sight and am considering the Shibuya Ultima CPX but as it comes in two different elevation lengths ( 3.65" and 5.20" )and each of those with two different extension lengths ( 6" and 9" ) which do I go for? I shoot a...
  4. kennyp

    Compound Bow how do you know what cams are soft,medium or hard?

    Didn't know where best to post this as it crosses over between compound bows and Easton arrow chart. What I am after is advice on what constitutes a 'soft', 'medium' or 'hard' cam. I am referring to the Easton arrow selector on their website which asks this question when determining which...
  5. kennyp

    Shot in the dark

    Hi, Looking to add some sew on patches to my chestguard, currently have a Fivics and an Alt Sport Services patch but would like to add a couple more particularly Matthews/Mission or Carter. Anyone know where I may be able to lay my hands on some?. I have tried all the retailers sites and...
  6. kennyp

    Peep and D Loop don't get on with each other

    AARRGGHH!!!............Help/advice needed. Have just started shooting compound,literally last few days after changing from recurve. When I bought the bow from Bowsports they installed the D Loop but as I didn't have a sight just placed the peep in the string for me to tie in later. Sight duly...
  7. kennyp

    Draw stops for mission rally

    Just bought a Mission Rally . Reading review sites of compound bows (American), the only recurring negative comment is that of 'spongy feeling at draw stop'. They all recommend swapping out the draw stops for harder ones especially when target shooting (which is all I do). Has anyone ever done...
  8. kennyp

    Am I Dim?

    Hello everyone, the time is fast approaching when I have to make a decision about changing from recurve to compound due to an ongoing shoulder/neck problem. I am looking to change to compound to take some of the strain off the shoulder which will allow me to complete full rounds (even 6 doz ones...
  9. kennyp

    The Dark Side is calling!

    Am looking for some advice from you all. Currently I shoot recurve with a draw weight of 40lbs (OTF). I have been shooting this weight for about 4 months but recently have started to experience pain in my right arm (elbow and shoulder). I believe it to be arthritic in nature (sadly age gets us...
  10. kennyp

    Chest Guards

    Does anyone know where (or even if) I can buy a chest guard for my 9yr old daughter?. She has been watching the recent World Championships in Paris with me and went crazy when she saw the Korean females wearing their 'cute' Hello Kitty and other girly type guards (usually in pink). I have...
  11. kennyp

    Taking the plunge

    Finally plucked up the courage to enter my first comp this weekend. It is the John Allison Novice held by The Bowmen of Pendle and Samlesbury near Preston. Thought it was time to stick my toe into the water as it is nearing the end of the outdoor season. The shoot is a Windsor and will be going...
  12. kennyp

    Disaster struck

    Need some advice please. Was at the club's fun day shoot today with my daughter and while I was about to unstring her bow I caught it with my leg and knocked it over (was on bowstand at the time). The riser has sustained some quite deep scratches near the grip and near the top limb pocket. As...
  13. kennyp

    Archer's Advantage?

    Has anyone had any problems contacting Archer's Advantage?. I have sent them several e-mails via their 'contact' details but have yet to receive any reply.The reason I am asking now is that my latest email was undelivered stating that the address no longer exists!. Might be a perfectly...
  14. kennyp

    Spare Limb Bolts

    Feeling a bit lazy (as it's Sunday suppose that's accepted). NEED YOUR HELP GUYS AND GALS!. Does anyone know where I can buy spare limb bolts that will fit my SF Elite Carbon Limbs?. The flange on the lower limb bolt is twisted (probably as a result of me not making sure it was fully seated in...
  15. kennyp

    Backstop Netting Supports

    I am looking to set up a portable backstop netting frame but am having difficulty in choosing one that firstly I can put together with relative ease,will be stong enough to support the netting ( 5m x 3m ) and be weatherproof should it be left outdoors. Clickers sell one currently for ?99...
  16. kennyp

    Win & Win clothing retailer?

    Have been trying to find a U.K. retailer of Win & Win clothing without any joy. Have emailed W&W several times now without any reply. Does anyone know of one ? cheers, kennyp
  17. kennyp

    Coming unstuck!

    Has anyone had experience of fletches either falling off or coming away from the shaft especially in the cold weather?. I used to use archery specific adhesive to glue my ep23 onto my xx75 platinum plus shafts but was losing two or more each shoot so another archery the club said he used...
  18. kennyp

    DIY Boss Stand

    I am looking to set up a foam boss for practice at home and am thinking about building my own stand (either tripod version or 'H' Frame). Does anyone have any specs that they could let me have to work from ? (The boss will be a 130cm foam one so the stand needs to be fairly substantial). Once I...
  19. kennyp

    Easton Spines

    Sorry if the answer to this is already posted but have made my eyes bleed looking here and on the Easton website for the answer without any joy. I am looking to purchase some ACC's and according to the Easton spine chart I can either use 3-04 or 3L-04 spines. What is the difference between the...
  20. kennyp

    SF Premium Carbon Sight

    Anyone know where I can lay my hands on an owner's manual for this sight (in English please). All I got with it was an A4 sheet in French with an exploded diagram on the back showing part numbers. I have checked the SF website but haven't found anything that looks like it might help (spookily...