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  1. MATTeL

    Arrows Sources for single ACE arrows?

    Hi All, I know ACEs are normally sold in matched sets of 12 with a very small grain difference . Does anyone know of a source for a single ACE arrows? I might have an incident with a stand and rope peg. :muttering:sigh::faint: Cheers, M
  2. MATTeL

    Go from 18 to 16 strands in a string

    I am going to make a couple more strings soon and was wondering what the overall impact would be is I went from 18 strands to 16 strands. I pull 43.3lbs and the string is on a 70inch bow (unwound I think the string is 171cm). So at the poundage pulled is 16strands too few or will it be okay?
  3. MATTeL

    First class and a personal best!

    I shot my third first class score today with 532 FITA 70 and beat my personal best for the round by 68. :hyper::veryhappy So earned first class in my first year of archery and beat my tagert score for the FITA 70 in the same day. If you will excuse me I am going to put on more after sun and...
  4. MATTeL

    Loose serving - why?

    With my current string the serving at the draw point/where the nock is has come loose and started to unwind from the bottom. What could have caused this and is there any way I can fix or stop it happening with a future string?