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  1. disbloke

    Starting a Disabled Club

    Okay, so let's not have answers about the rules of shooting and stuff as I've pretty well got those covered. What I'm really trying to find out is what are the eligibility criteria for a person to belong to a disabled archery club. I have asked the office and been directed to section 11 of the...
  2. disbloke

    Paralympic Compound and new FITA matchplay

    Ok so there's an on going discussion regarding the new FITA rules for compound matchplay with the hit/miss targets and the ranking all at 50m. But, and it's a confusing one, how will this affect compound for the Paralympics? Obviously compounds are already in the Paralympics using the 70m round...
  3. disbloke

    Matthews Set Up?

    First off I know what it says in the manual and I'm not after how far above for the nock point. My question really is when it comes to the rest how are people setting the bows up? Are you setting up in the centre of the button hole, higher, or lower? On my Hoyt I tended to have the rest set...
  4. disbloke

    And finally

    Have finally decided to get back to blogging on here again. Now what to say? Nothing much has changed still chugging along shooting arrows and working to improve myself and my archery. Seem to be going some way to doing both but only time will tell. Went to the local archery shop today to pick...
  5. disbloke

    GNAS/ArcheryGB AGM

    So if anyone here attended the AGM is there anything newsworthy to come of it? Be interesting to know if there was anything other than the general dross that is usually covered by AGM's.
  6. disbloke

    Who should be the new ArcheryGB Performance Director

    Okay then, with the notice appearing on the website advertising for a Performance Director who should it be? This is NOT meant to be serious nor for slagging off current members of the PU, just a bit of tongue in cheek fun. Who's your suggestion for the role? Me, I'd like nominate Mr Burns he...
  7. disbloke

    String stopper on Hoyts

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of shooting the Pro/Ultra 38 with and without the string stopper? Please give feedback on how they felt the bow shot with and without it. Cheers!
  8. disbloke

    Alternative Arrow pullers

    Another alternative arrow puller, the anti-rug slip pads, nice and cheap share with you friends and you can get many a puller out of one mat!
  9. disbloke

    Got myself a new bow!

    Well I listened to the advice given by everyone here and finally got around to changing from my old Razortec to a Bowtech old Glory. Spent the whole day shooting different bows and the Old Glory came out the winner. Other contenders were the Trykon, Ultraelite and Allegiance. Didn't take long...
  10. disbloke

    New bow. Pros and Cons

    Hi all I'm going to be investing a new bow, with the intention of lifting myself to new heights :cheerful: Want to see if i can find out a bit more first so i can have a starting point to work from. Doesn't mean I won't end up buying a sparkely blue bow just because I like the colour though...