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  1. Gold Flinger

    Wanted Samick SKB or Mind 50

    Has anyone got one they'd be willing to part with? Always wanted one of these and I'm in need of something to put me on until new bow arrives. 45-50lb if possible. Thanks!
  2. Gold Flinger

    A Message From Gold Flinger

    Dear all... I just dropped in to answer a question from Heroblob so I thought I'd say hello. I've not been shooting for a couple of years. I ballsed up a bit really - I took up archery around the same time as I started my own business. Unfortunately, one of these time consuming passtimes had to...
  3. Gold Flinger

    The Fonz Award - A Reminder

    Well folks, it's been brought to my attention that some of my comments have been less-than-favourably received... What can I say? If you enter this forum, you leave your pride (what's left of it) at the door. ;) Long term users of this forum know by now that I don't discriminate; I ridicule...
  4. Gold Flinger

    For Sale... Bargain!

    Aproximately 18 Quality Street Coffee Creams. Unwanted gift. Offers.
  5. Gold Flinger

    Ooh! My Piles Are Playing Up!

    Well folks, the time has come to share a rather embarrassing predicament with the good people of Archery Interchange. Piles. :o I don't know what the problem is, but it seems to have manifested itself since I increased the poundage of my bow. Maybe it's all that pulling and heaving; the...
  6. Gold Flinger

    Archer Acts on Impulse

    'Twas a far wiser mind than mine that once said "cleanliness in next to Godliness" and despite the attempts of one or two of our number to the contrary, archers generally display a fastidious approach to all matters of personal hygiene. :o And our gentleman paramount, Dangerous Dave Renton is no...
  7. Gold Flinger

    Trailer Trash

    Well folks, it's with great pleasure that I award the latest Fonz Award to an erstwhile member of Mole Valley Archers who's been shooting with the Bowmen of Pendle & Salmesbury whilst working up here in the north-west. Some forum members may know him as Simon Steptoe, we now know him as the...
  8. Gold Flinger

    Man Impaled by his own Compound Bow...

    MAN IMPALED BY HIS OWN COMPOUND BOW... and not an arrow in sight! Yes folks, this week's Fonz Award goes to the impala impaler himself, Matatazela for his episode of slapstick perfection. First pioneered by Laurel and Hardy, the "carrying-a-long-object-through-a-narrow-doorway" gag has been a...
  9. Gold Flinger

    Button Blunder

    As I said folks, the Fonz Award will be awarded retrospectively, so it gives me enormous pleasure to welcome Tim Mason to the roll call of stupidity. For his bewildering inability to distinguish black from blue - both on his bow AND on the target face I would imagine - we salute you. We only...
  10. Gold Flinger

    The Fonz Award - An Explanation

    Well, it's with great pleasure - and a lump in my throat - that the Fonz Award has been granted it's own forum sub-section. As the header suggests, the Award is granted to any archer who performs a great act of idiocy. The more stupid the act, the better. The greater and more public the...
  11. Gold Flinger

    The Fonz Award

    It's with great pleasure that I award the second ever Fonz Award to an archer who - quite understandably - wishes to remain anonymous. At a club shoot this weekend, the archer in question set his scope up on the line before we rattled off an end of sighters. Miraculously, my first sighter landed...