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  1. Stretch

    Non ILF limbs

    I get the reminiscing bit but realistically you are unlikely to find Yammy limbs of this vintage in this draw weight. Custom limbs would put you back way more than it is worth. The YTSL II was a good riser but is prone to corrosion issues, so it may last forever but equally might break after...
  2. Stretch

    Testing the water

    The Axis was a great riser and is still quite sought after. They sell on eBay for more than they should when they come up. Especially if it is in good nick or one of the nicer colours. However, if splitting the set you need to punch the Axis convertible limb studs from the limbs and replace...
  3. Stretch

    FS: W&W Winex 70" 36lb

    I have a set of nearly new Winex limbs for sale. (HoneyFoam core) They are 70" 36lb limbs. They are in pretty much immaculate condition although their is a gap in the transfer on one limb. Been like this since new - laquered over - and I didn't even notice. These have been shot for less than 2...