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  1. dvd8n

    Arrow Saw Cleaning

    Does anyone clean out their arrow saw? Mine's making an odd noise and I'm thinking that there could be a build up of arrow dust and bits inside it. But on the other hand I don't want to tear it apart and ruin any tolerances in there. Mine didn't come with any instructions so I don't know if...
  2. dvd8n

    Pointless Project

    Inspired by a discussion on another thread, and having far too much time on my hands at the moment, and fuelled by liquid poor judgement, I have embarked on a totally pointless project: This is an electrically powered induction coil arrow point removal tool. The arrow goes into the coil on...
  3. dvd8n

    String Length

    Ok, so I have a string which is twisted to the right length for my bow but with far too many twists in it; I want to copy it but I want to make it with a sensible number of twists in it. I'll put it on my jig twisted then extend the jig a bit to allow for twisting. My question is: how much...
  4. dvd8n

    HMPE Strings

    I was talking to Sid at Border Bows today. He asked me what string material I used; I told him that I used Angel. He sucked his teeth and told me that I should just use Fastflight+. I was on the point of ordering some Brownell Fastflight+ when I looked at what it was. As far as I can see...
  5. dvd8n

    Arrow Saw Warning

    I was using my arrow saw to trim a little off my arrows when suddenly there was a huge bang. The cutting wheel had disintegrated showering my face with fragments. I wasn't hurt but I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing my goggles. I don't know if I'd put some...
  6. dvd8n

    Bad Release

    I was down at the archery course today doing a little fine tuning of my bow. A spectacularly bad release resulted in me punching myself in the face. Hard enough to draw blood. I'm sitting in front of the fire feeling sorry for myself and nursing a split lip at the moment :fight: :ouch:
  7. dvd8n

    Angel String Material in Grey or Black

    Does anyone know where I can get Angel string material in grey or black? Since I had a cataract operation the white seems to shine really brightly and I have trouble with the glare. I'd like to try grey, or possibly black, to tone it down a little.
  8. dvd8n

    ILF Bolts and Dovetails

    Quick question - in an ILF limb fitment is the root of the limb / thrust from the limb meant to bear on the dovetail or on the bolt?
  9. dvd8n

    Reviving the Fonz Sub-Forum

    The Fonz sub-forum came up in another thread so I thought that I'd revive it with a few stories, archery related and not.
  10. dvd8n

    Aco Archery Arrow Cutter

    I won an Aco Archery Arrow Cutter a few months ago on e-bay at a good price. There were no instructions with it. Does anyone have a copy? The arrow cutting itself is pretty self-evident but there are a lot of adjustments to it, and the wheel change is not obvious. It looks like you may have...
  11. dvd8n

    Wanted Right handed Bernardini Mamba

    I'm looking for a right handed Bernardini Mamba at a reasonable price to set up a second bow. As it's a second bow I don't mind if it's cosmetically sub-standard as long as it's mechanically sound.
  12. dvd8n

    Numbering Arrows

    Do you need to number your arrows? I thought that you did but I can't find it in the rules of shooting.
  13. dvd8n

    Arrow Piles Wider than the Shafts

    I have been using FMJ 500s for my field archery. They have an OD of 1/4" I have fitted them with BAR 3 rings behind the points; this makes an already tough arrow pretty much indestructible. For points I'm using 11/32" field points to match the wider diameter of the BAR 3 rings. This gives me...
  14. dvd8n

    Beiter Asymmetric Nocks

    Anyone have an opinion on Beiter Asymmetric Nocks? I can see that they may have an advantage when using 3-under or when string-walking, but I don't see the advantage when using a Mediterranean draw.
  15. dvd8n

    Bernardini Cobra Riser

    I have a Bernardini Cobra riser in good condition that I'm not using that I'd like to sell. The Cobra's a fine riser but it just doesn't suit me; it's just lying around. So I thought that I could offer it to others on the forum. It's right handed 21" field / hunting style riser in grey...
  16. dvd8n

    A Bernardini Cobra riser for a Bernardini Mamba

    This is a bit of a long shot but.......... I have a Bernardini Cobra riser in good condition that I'm not using that I'd like to trade for a Mamba. The Cobra's a fine riser but it just doesn't suit me; it's just lying around. So I thought that I could trade it for a Mamba so that I could...
  17. dvd8n

    Brace height to String Length relationship.

    I have a string which is (unwound) pretty near the top of my brace height range. About how much longer do I need to make a string (ballpark, I know it's impossible to be be precise) to drop the brace height by an inch so that I can play with the brace height. I don't do this stuff often enough...
  18. dvd8n

    AAE Nock Removal From Woodie.

    Does anyone have any tips for removing the remains of an AAE plastic nock from a wooden arrow? I tried pulling with pliers but it just wasn't for moving. The only option that I can see is carefully whittling away the remains from the taper with a sharp knife.