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  1. bimble

    Ella Gibson 596 WR

    British junior archer, Ella Gibson, has shot a new fita 18 world record at the GT Open in Luxemburg with a score of 596/600.... World Archery - British 19-year-old Ella Gibson shoots world-record 596-point indoor qualification this was then equalled at a later qualifying session by Janine...
  2. bimble

    World Champs/Olympic Qualification

    For those that might care, at the world champs the GBR recurve squad have just qualified two full teams for Tokyo 2020!!
  3. bimble

    Indoor World Series

    The first leg of World Archery's 'Indoor World Series' has been taking place in Luxemburg this weekend, and with medal matches this afternoon we have some British interest. At 15:20(ish) Sarah Bettles is taking on Olympic silver medallist Aida Roman for bronze in the ladies recurve, and ~16:05...
  4. bimble

    Mixed Team Bronze

    In the soon to be an Olympic discipline, the GBR mixed team of Patrick Huston and Naomi Folkard took the bronze medal at the World Archery Champs yesterday evening. If you happened to miss it (what else could you have been doing??), it is the very first match in this video by World Archery...
  5. bimble

    Archery loses UK Sport Olympic funding...

    Archery, as well as Fencing, Badminton, Weightlifting and Wheelchair rugby have lose UK Sport funding for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics... BBC: Four Olympic sports and one Paralympic sport lose funding
  6. bimble

    Rio Olympic Archery

    Two gold medals have been awarded and a WR broken (the first competition 700!!), but this afternoon (13.23ish), GBR's Naomi Folkard will take to the Sambodromo stage in her first match. Coverage may make the actually TV (assuming no other Team GB athletes in "bigger" sports are doing anything)...
  7. bimble

    Naomi Folkard qualifies for FOURTH Olympics

    Seems Patrick will have a team mate in Rio after Naomi Folkard earns a spot at the Olympic qualification event in Antalya this morning. Congratulations to both archers, strong shots and shoot well... the hard work is just beginning!! ;)
  8. bimble

    English Heritage arrow hunt...

    Seems that in celebration of 950 years since the Battle of Hastings, English Heritage have "hidden" 1,066 red fletched arrows, and if YOU can find one you can win one of 1,066 prizes. From such things as a night at Dover Castle, or a private tour of Stonehenge, down to free entry into English...
  9. bimble

    Team GB shoot for Bronze

    Well, in what can only be described as a upset, the GB recurve men knocked out #1 ranked team USA (with 697 Brady and gold medal match finalist Garrett) in the quarter finals at the Shanghai World Cup. They then lost 5-3 to Korea, so will be shooting for the bronze medal against India on Sunday...
  10. bimble

    GNAS Archery Meetings...

    I was wondering if could anyone could draw up a list of the various archery meetings. The multi-day shoots like Dunster (in June), GNAM (also June) and SCAM (in May). Are there any others about/left??
  11. bimble

    Stage 3 AGB National Series cancelled

    The 3rd stage of the 2016 National Series event has been cancelled (May 21st). Don't know why, but they are open to offers to host. So anyone, especially those who complain there isn't a leg close enough to you, who has a ground that can host a +200 archer shoot on dates that don't clash with...
  12. bimble

    Huston wins gold in Marrakech

    Patrick Huston has won gold at the first indoor world cup event in Marrakech, even made the BBC - SPORTS - having come from being 4-0 behind, shooting 9 tens in a row to win the last three sets and the match 6-4! Well done Patrick! :cake::beer:
  13. bimble

    Field Master Bowman

    I am quite chuffed for two reasons; 1) - I attained my field master bowman this year with the three scores shot at Fort Purbrook - unmarked, Pentref - marked & Panther Bowhunter - marked, 2) - I posted the form on Monday afternoon, get home on Thursday and the badge is on the doorstep...
  14. bimble

    World Cup Finals coverage

    The finals of the World Cup are occurring in Mexico City this weekend, video coverage starts in just under 90min on the World Archery youtube channel, starting with compound teams this afternoon, and compound individuals this evening, and then tomo the same again, but with the recurves...
  15. bimble

    Beiter Hit/Miss tournament

    So, who's going to this?? And which team are you in?? :) I'm the uncle in the team 'Auntie and Uncle' Hope to see you there! Beiter Hit/Miss
  16. bimble

    For GoneBad

    Mostly for the forgetting to put an arrow on... on both bows. ;) - - - Updated - - - and I've just noticed, I've apparently lost my Fonz!! :bawling:
  17. bimble

    Easton Target Archery Podcasts

    It seems that Easton Archery are doing a regular(ish) podcast on youtube - Easton Target Archery - the first with George Tekmitchov and Steve 'The Cat' Anderson talking about the up-coming World Champs, the second done just after the qualification and initial round of head-to-heads. In the third...
  18. bimble

    Compound Bow What makes this photo interesting...??

    So, what do you think makes this photo interesting?? there are no prizes for correct guesses!! ;)
  19. bimble

    Norfolk AA Mega Vegas

    Norfolk Archery Association are running a postal competition for 2015 called 'The Mega Vegas'. The format is very simple, three 60cm targets, arranged in a triangle (like a Vegas face), at 30m. All disciplines shoot the "big" ten, and submit as many scores as you'd like (only the highest will...
  20. bimble

    GB Archery Team to Baku

    So, the archers representing GB at the European Games are Amy Oliver, Naomi Folkard, Nicky Hunt and Kieran Slater MEET THE TEAM Good luck for AIUK!!