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  1. Corax67

    Indoor longbow

    This thread is not just to all stick and string merchants : I ventured indoors to a local club open night last week prior to entering their forthcoming comp at the end of this month - I caused many uplifted eyebrows and mutters after my first end of sighters. My pointy sticks had gone into...
  2. Corax67

    Longbow - the easy choice ?

    So far this summer I?ve shot on a semi-regular basis at 2 local clubs as well as my own club and with the exception of one or two rare instances I?ve shot my longbow. Having achieved my Bowman classification very early on in the season I will now shoot any round that takes my fancy and happily...
  3. Corax67

    [American Flatbow] Arrows for my flatbow

    I should know better by now but here goes the usual question: I have just picked up an Internature Long Bow which I believe used to be marketed by Quicks back in the day, it?s 30# @ 28? and my intention is to use it as a bit of gentle relaxation shooting , on a trip to France for some 3D and...
  4. Corax67

    Clout - catch 22 situation

    Having received the latest KAA newsletter I was drawn to trying clout and the Kent championships are in September. I now have a little problem - there is a stipulation in the entry form that all entrants ?must have received instruction in clout prior to the event? So to keep myself honest I...
  5. Corax67

    Pre-match preparation

    To all of you competitive archers - I seek wisdom and guidance. In the week leading up to a major competition what does your routine look like? Do you increase practice levels, decrease practice levels, shoot blank boss, practice the rounds you will be shooting??? Karl
  6. Corax67

    Has the WA1440 fallen out of favour ?

    I shoot all 4 bow types but regard myself as a longbow archer, as such I enter longbow comps that are mostly Westerns (one or two way) and the occasional York if it?s record status. Had a notification from Kent Archery Association yesterday that their forthcoming WRS WA1440 has been cancelled...
  7. Corax67

    Village fetes - setting up a ?hav

    I?ve been approached by our local village fete committee to see if our club would be up for running an archery ?have-a-go? at their fantastic annual May fair. The club is well up for it, 8 or 9 of us are available and willing, of those one is a level 1 coach and at least one has completed the...
  8. Corax67

    Getting a consistent draw WITHOUT a clicker

    One of my regular target partners shoots recurve with all the bells and whistles with the exception of a clicker. He was formerly a Master Bowman but succumbed to target panic a couple of years ago where he constantly froze using a clicker, unable to draw through or release after the click...
  9. Corax67

    Increase in interest in Longbow at clubs

    This question is purely from observation at my own club but I wondered if others had seen something similar. Ours is a family orientated club rather than an out & out competitive oriented club and looking at our shooting line last year we had no compounds, a handful of dedicated barebow...
  10. Corax67

    To sell up or not to sell up ? That is the question

    Having a wibbly wobbly moment and was hoping to hear a voice of reason (or two). Been a bit battered since late summer following a (work induced) bicep injury - since then I?ve done a lot more support/coaching/fettling at club and had to shoot low poundage recurve to get my arrow fix. Last...
  11. Corax67

    Fluorescent recurve string - improved sight picture ?

    Is anyone else currently shooting a fluorescent bowstring? I spent a lot of my longbow season this year really concentrating on getting a consistent draw & sight picture and it began paying dividends with my scores this year better across the range of rounds I shot and improving (by small...
  12. Corax67

    Premature end to season - what to do now ?

    Having picked a fight with half a dozen 25kg bales of wood shavings on Thursday in work and losing I pitched up at club today knowing all was not right. Left my longbow at home and brought my recurve fitted with 20# limbs for a 50yd plinking session but barely managed 5 ends before I bottled...
  13. Corax67

    Physics / maths of riser & limb combinations

    I have been asked by one of our more inquisitive juniors why, for a given set of limbs the poundage is different depending on the length of the riser. I know it is to do with the string/limb/riser geometry but cannot find any proper mathematical explanation which will satisfy the lass in...
  14. Corax67

    Riser and limb combinations - is there a best match?

    I have an archer who has completed their beginners course, is developing nicely and who needs switching over from a beginner bow to a club riser/ILF limb set. The finished bow will be 66" long on 22# draw. Here is the conundrum: we have sufficient components that the bow can either be a 23"...
  15. Corax67

    Beginners with very long draw lengths - sourcing arrows

    We have a little conundrum with our latest beginners course that started last week - two of the archers have long draw lengths of over 30" and are not able for very different reasons to go straight to higher powered bows. One is a senior archer over 6'4" with age related issues restricting the...
  16. Corax67

    Jelly bow strings - how many strands?

    Still working my way through our equipment containers and have uncovered a dozen or so jelly bows - other than being coloured yellow, orange, blue & red and of different lengths there is no other info on them. They are in immaculate condition but are without strings. How many strands of B-50...
  17. Corax67

    Making a (endless loop) string jig

    I made a Flemish twist string jig about 12 months ago from a piece of reclaimed mahogany & plans off the web - this has worked well with over 20 strings made & shot to date. I would now like to try my hand at making recurve strings. Club has an EXE jig that our equipment officer uses to make...
  18. Corax67

    First bow - for a toddler

    My son has decided that as well as playing rugby with me he wants to shoot a bow like me too - he is only two & half but stands over 3' tall and can comfortably lift 2 litre drinks bottles at full stretch. He also knows the difference between a toy bow and a real bow - when given both a plastic...
  19. Corax67

    County selection - how does your county choose?

    I was wondering what systems and criteria different counties use when shortlisting archers to shoot for their county. Primarily my query relates to longbow archers but if your county has a universal policy then that's fine. Karl
  20. Corax67

    Wooden arrows - what was the shaft ? ? ?

    Last spring I puchased a new longbow, a Gary Evans 50# @ 28". At the same time I bought a set of shafts and made up a dozen arrows which I used all last season to great effect. With the intention of atempting to achieve MB this year I felt it might be a good idea to make up a set of very...