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    64" Covert Hunter for sale

    This is a 64" bow 43lbs @ 29" Riser S/N 6018RRK, it has a button and a stabiliser hole. Horn Overlay on back Limbs were bought new in June 2018 S/N 37814D, 64" L It comes with several strings. Bow Case Limb Case. I have an adjustable button (made by Border), if I can find it it will be part of...
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    Woodies and Carbons from the same bow

    Hi I do field/3D and shoot off the shelf. I'd like to use the same bow for EFAA (TRB, carbon arrows) and ArcheryGb (TRAD, wooden arrows), and need some advice/help please. In order to keep a similar trajectory, Do I try to get both arrows to weigh the same?,if so will this affect the dynamic...
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    Bow configuration

    Hi I want to shoot a wooden ILF bow for 3D/Field. I currently use a 60” non-ILF bow the riser is 17”, my drawlength is 29” I’ve been told that a 21 or 23” is more stable, (creating a 62 or 64” bow), what do you think, and should I go for long or medium limbs? Thanks In advance
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    Trad bow for NFAA, EFAA and WA 3D

    Hi All. Can you help me with some advice on trad bow specification for field /3D archery? I have a 28" draw length and shoot Traditional BowHunter style in NFAA, Traditional Recurve style in EFAA and Instinctib=ve style in WA 3D. In the past, I've shot a Covert Hunter with wooden arrows for all...
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    Wooden and Carbon arrows from the same bow

    Hi There. I have been shooting 11/32 wooden arrows 55-60 lbs out of my Covert Hunter, ([email protected]) for about 2 years now, they shoot very well (roughly 177fps) and want to move to carbons or aluminum arrows. I call my aiming style unconscious gapping, by that I mean I do not consciously use or...
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    Bow for for all seasons

    Hi All. I currently shoot in NFAS, EFAA and ArcheryGB field, and really enjoy it My bow is a Covert Hunter 43lbs @ 29" I use wooden arrows off a rest. I am thinking of shooting carbons off the shelf, so I can shoot TRB for EFAA, Instinctive for World Archery and Traditional Bow Hunter for...
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    For Sale Merlin Excalibur EX40 Compound Bow 50-60lbs

    With EX3 cams, giving a draw length of 27.5" to 29". The sale also includes New Red Avalon Classic Bow case New Planor Arrow case with 7 x new ACC 3-490/390 + 4 x new Easton XX75 2213 Brand new 10 zone scope Brand new 3rd Hand Can't fire release ?300.00 ono
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    HT / HS vs BHR

    Hi all. I been in field archery just over a year and shoot , HT / HS (wooden arrows), and recently took part in the UKIFAC, which is an IFAA shoot, however I had to compete with others using carbon arrows and shooting 3 fingers under Do you think the IFAA will recognise HS / HT in future? or...
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    For Sale UUkha VX1000 X-Curve limbs: ?460.00 ono

    For Sale - UUkha VX1000 X-Curve limbs: Top of the range UUkha limbs, if you know your stuff, there is nothing more I can add. These are 70" 42lbs, were purchased brand new in Feb 2015, however they were slightly scratched in the shop at the time of sale, (can be verified by shop owner) photos...
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    American Flatbow:- recomendations

    Hi All. Looking to buy an AFB, somewhere between 45-50lbs, preferably with a pistol grip, (I currently shoot a Covert Hunter), what make / model would you recommend? I want it for NFAS and EFAA shoots. Cheers
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    A question on aimimg

    Hi I'm relatively new to Field / Trad Archery I have access to a club with a 20yd range most days of the week and shoot very well just by looking at what I want to hit. I'm not aware of where the arrow tip is, but the arrow is in my peripheral vision , I guess my brain has worked the trajectory...
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    Wooden Arrows, what is more important spine or weight?

    Hi All. When tuning your wooden arrows to your bow and your style of shooting, do you go for a close match in weight, spine or both? What is a reasonable / acceptable tolerance between your lightest and heaviest arrow? Thanks for any replies Keith
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    Covert Hunter and wooden arrows

    Hi All. I'm in the process of ordering a Covert Hunter 50lbs @ 28inches with Hex 7 limbs. I shoot split finger, wooden arrows, and use a Cavalier Free Flyte Micro rest on my current bow, also 50lbs @28inches As a test, I shot Goldtip Traditional 400 spine 125gn bareshaft and produce good...
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    Accuracy of american flatbow vs one piece recurve

    Hi All This is my first post here and need some advice please. After shooting target archery for 5 years, I've really taken to field archery and bought a 68inch 45lb Black Hawk Buck Trail bow late last year and was pretty good over 20 yards indoors. I then used it out doors a couple of times...
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    Hex6H BB2 Arrow Spine selection

    Hi All. I've just received my limbs today, (Thank You Sid), and would like some advice regarding arrow selection. The new limbs are 41lb medium on a 25" riser. My draw length, (anchor to button) is 27.5", and my ACE 570s were 29", and the old limbs were 38lbs, and they tuned quite well I'm...
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    Bare Shaft Tuning, best or correct method

    Hi all. I have been shooting for about 3.5 years now and have done the basic setup om my kit, i.e. Limb alignment, nocking point,brace height etc, many times and would like to get a better understanding of bare shaft tuning, as there seem to be many ways of doing it. My understanding is to...
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    Noisy Hoyt GMX bow

    Hi All. Firstly I hope this is the correct place to post my question, I've been a member for a while, have read many interesting discussions, but this is my first post. I have recently purchased a Hoyt GMX 25in riser, shoot ACE 570s with own Petron Pro, then used a club members W&W inno...