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  1. Angry Gaz

    Exchange Mathews Prestige Limbs

    I'm giving my Mathews Prestige (2008) bow to my wife who shots 40-50lbs. I'm looking to exchange my 50-60lb limbs for 40-50lb. Would consider purchasing if price/condition is right...
  2. Angry Gaz

    Wanted Carter 2 Special+ release aid

    If you have one and are willing to let it go to a new home, please message me. Thanks...
  3. Angry Gaz

    Finally got my GMB!!!

    After a lot of blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of swearing, i finally managed to get my GMB at the Cheshire Champs today... :cloud9:
  4. Angry Gaz

    Setting up a Mathews Convertible HD rest

    Has anyone ever set-up one of these rests in 'drop away' mode? If so, can you throw any pointers my way before i go mad! :bang:
  5. Angry Gaz

    Gents FITA PB

    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a not, but today i smashed my FITA PB by 26 points to get 1343 and broke 3 distance PB's as well. Hopefully it doesn't go to my head for the rest of the season! GMB here we come... :bouncy:
  6. Angry Gaz

    Portsmouth PB

    I've been chasing this one for ages and finally broke it today. Put 4 points on my previous PB which now stands at 592...
  7. Angry Gaz

    GNAS Club Colours Register

    Anyone know where i can download the latest GNAS Club Colours Register from? I've scoured the GNAS website but it doesn't appear to listed anywhere...
  8. Angry Gaz

    Compound in the Olympics

    I'm sure this has already been discussed but does anyone know why compound isn't in the Olympic programme?
  9. Angry Gaz

    Coaches for a beginners course

    Does anyone know what the official GNAS policy is about the number of coaches needed to run a beginners course and what level they must be?
  10. Angry Gaz

    Mathews owners...

    I recently came across a document that was worth it's weight in gold for a Mathews owner. I've always struggled with adding/removing twists to the string and cables to obtain the correct BH,ATA etc. This tell you everything you need to know... Mathews Solocam Tuning
  11. Angry Gaz

    Premature moving of boss

    At the North Wales Champs this year, i was having a pretty dismal 90m & 70m. I'm sure you've all had the same experience; utter dismay at how badly your shooting, complete contempt for anyone who tries to make you feel better, wishing you could move straight to the next distance. :hissyfit...
  12. Angry Gaz

    Dampening a Prestige

    I've been shooting a Mathews Switchback since it came out last year, but recently decided to get a Prestige. I it holds great on the gold and the wall is solid, plus i've smashed most of my PB's already but the kick is awful. I've already got left shoulder damage so was wondering what people...
  13. Angry Gaz

    Side plates for Mathews SB

    I recently got hold of a pair of Carter side plates to replace the grip on my Switchback, but am havig difficulty finding what glue to use with them. People keep suggesting 3M Weatherstrip; however it's virtually impossible to get hold of in the UK. Any other suggestions?