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    Hello, I have just purchased a secondhand Fiberbow 5.99 riser of the old type with the eccentric cam type limb bolts. My question is how do you adjust these limb bolts on this riser . I know how to adjust on my old Winact riser but these are different. Any advice will be much appreciated...
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    Bow Wood

    Hello, Can anyone tell me anything about a timber called PUTU JUMU. Does it have another name? Is it available in the UK? What is its botanical name? Have you used it? etc. Many thanks
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    Can anyone tell me where I can shoot clout with an AFB within say 30 miles or so of Warwick. Are there any specialist clubs? Many thanks for any help
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    FLATBOW "Classification"

    As there are no classification scores for AFBs is it reasonable for comparison purposes that about halfway between Longbpw and Recurve Barebow would be about right. Or more or less either way?
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    Archer's Advantage softwear for sight tapes

    Hello. Have you any experience of this software. I have bought and downloaded this program but it will not open. It keeps coming up with "run time error". It is proving to be impossible to contact them Are they genuine or have I been conned?
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    If I increase my arrow speed by increasing poundage AND reducing the arrow length is there any formula or rule of thumb that can be used so that the arrow spine remains the same. i.e. If bow poundage is up 2lb how much can I shorten the arrow. or if I shorten the arrow by 1 half inch how much...
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    Hi, Is there a "club" for collectors of UK Archery club badges? Many thanks
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    Change to indoor shooting

    Advice please on changing over from ACE arrows to Eclipse Aluminium for indoor shooting. I will use a different button but what else should I be aware of. Many thanks
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    AGF Pressure button check gadget

    Hello. Can anyone explain to me how to use the AGF pressure button gadget for recording. in/out position and button pressure Any help would be great Eric
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    Limbs Softest and easiest limbs to pull?

    OK I now it's a bit vague but I would value any views on which limbs have been found to be very smooth and give the impression of having a lighter draw weight than the measured weight. Many thanks
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    Bear Paw Timber sticks arrows

    The bear paw timber stick arrow is a carbon arrow with a wood finish effect. Do you know if it is possible to buy an aluminium or aluminium/carbon arrow with a wood effect finish.
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    Archery equipment storage

    Hello, Do you have any experience of storing bosses, stands and other equipment in metal Ex.shipping containers. We are particularly concerned about condensation. De we need ventilation or other means of keeping our tackle dry Thanks
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    Hoyles archery

    I have read a mention to Hoyles archery. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it is still practised anywhere?
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    Indoor shooting

    Can anyone offer advice on FINE tuning for indoor shooting with a view to increasing my ratio of 10s to 9s (I also hit the 8 ring now and again ) and the odd 7 & 6 but they are down to my bad shots Many thanks
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    Stiff spine query

    Hi. I have recently made up arrows for indoor shooting using 27 3/4" Easton X7 eclipse shafts size 1914, Nibb points and G-Nocks fletched with NAP 2 1/4" Quick Spin vanes set square on to shaft. My recurve bow weight is 32lb. According to my reading of the Easton Selection chart I should use...
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    PSE RISER Limb alignment & weight adjustment

    Hello, I have just purchased a PSE Riser on Ebay. It is in very good condition but I do not know what model it is. It is 25" and red in colour with limb pockets to take international limbs. The limb alignment and weight adjustment feature is very different to the W & W type I am used to...
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    Shoot for Bowman

    Is it possible to shoot to bowman level (ie 90m) with a 68" recurve bow using 32lb limbs 33lb on fingers 28 3/4" draw length. At present I use a 25" Winact riser and Pro Accent limbs with ACC arrows 3-04/680. Could I do it with ACEs or X10s and a few minor changes to my set up or would I need...
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    Nock points

    I know about Beiter, Floss and Pliable brass but are there any other types particularly ones that are easy to fix, easy to move or tunable and reliable.