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    now heres a thing I hadnt noticed

    Borrowed some arrows to try put with my compound bow and I noticed they were fleched so the cock vane sat upright rather than to the side as for recurve bows. Now this makes perfect sense and I kick myself for not noticing mine were "wrong" but here'e the question. Has anyone noticed a...
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    Angela Bray RIP

    I am sorry to report that Angie Bray of Kettering Archers died suddenly on friday. Anyone who has ever entered a competition via Kettering archers, Northamptonshire County Archery Society or, EMAS in the last 30 years will have come across her, she will be sorely missed by all of those...
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    barebow first class

    Decided to try barebow last month as my longbow form had slipped and I struggle to hold up my recurve bow with a long rod on. Anyways managed to get my 3rd 1st class score yesterday with a WA70m. I havent really achived what I wanted from it though, which was to be able to spot what was going...
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    not a personal achievement but a thank you

    Just wanted to post up a "thank you" to david O'Carrol for running the Virtual Archery League again this winter. It was nice to receive another medal but I feel a bit of a fraud as the number of competitiors who actually finish their rounds makes the competition rather stunted in some classes. I...
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    records not recognised by county association

    An odd one here that I am looking for clarification on. Organised a metric clout shoot last month and a number of junior county record scores were achieved. Now most of them had no previous score lodged because not many occasions to actually shoot clout locally but here is the problem. The...
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    2017 masters results

    has anyone got a copy of the Uk masters results they can post up as the AGB site returns the 404-page not found for their link.
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    How's this come about then?

    reading the new issue of the AGB magazine and saw the list for the handicap improvement medals recipients. A small number of clubs had 2 entires. How did this come about at I was told that it was 1 per club per year and juniors dont count as people in this particular award. Needless to say the...
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    new arrow design

    I have redesigned one of my arrows to gain an advantage when judging all of those line cutters.It hit the hinge on a foam boss at 80yds and did this after travelling through the foam. Not bad for 26# limbs as that distance. I claimed style points for the most impressive petticoat.
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    got there at last

    Managed to get the third bowman score on wednesday needed to achieve the longbow classification. Wont improve my handicap though, I got some scores at shorter distances that are so far above my true average they will be difficult to chase down.
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    a big thank you

    I had a problem with an Aidy Hayes bow I bought just over a year ago. It developed a crack in the belly wood so he asked that I return it for repair. When I got it back yesterday to say it was like new is an understatement, it is better than new. Belly wood replaced and nicely finished, no cast...
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    oddity to classification scheme

    doing a bit of WA70m on wednesday with longbow and I scored as expected with a low 1st class score but was shooting alongside 3 lady archers of differing ages. One scored a very creditable 186 which is unsurprising for her but having taken a look at the scores required for junior lady at the...
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    blbs contact details

    Anyone have alternative contact details for the BLBS? I have tried emailing Neil Dimmock a number of times but have only had an automated response from one email and that was months ago. Web site well out of date so wondering if there is anyone else I can contact.
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    longbow 3 gold end

    Got a longbow 3 gold end at 70m yesterday. Also beat my PB for a WA 70m by some 60 points so well chuffed with the days efforts.
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    new national record set at Eastbourne double rose weekend

    Not my personal achievement, I came last in longbow but junior GB archer Nathan Thomas, who shot a 1190 in a Bristol III with a compound bow. This also gave him his 6 gold end badge several times over. His coach says there is still room for improvement.
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    email address or telephone no for Mike Willrich

    does anyone have the contact details for Mike Willrich? I have spoken to the landowners of Alconbury and they would consider a flight shoot there so someone more experienced in such matters should really take the reins so to speak. If you can please PM me his details so I can pass on what I have
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    got my 1st class with longbow

    shot my third 1st class score for longbow today, Long Metric 1 to go with a couple of WA 70m shoots. This playing with a bent stick lark is good fun, you only have to hit the target less than a third of the time and when it is blowing a howling gale like it was on saturday your scores dont go...
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    A personal best Jim, but not as we know it.

    Did the ILAA/Fraternity of St George shoot at Godington Park, near Ashford, kent yesterday. The competition is basically a roving marks shoot with a speed shoot for one of the marks (as many arrows as you can in 30s) and a flight shoot to finish. Roving marks is basically clout shooting at...
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    does anyone have an all round longbow?

    My question is does anyone use the same bow for all disciplines and distances. For disability reasons I can only draw a limited weight and would like to buy a longbow that will do me for everything and change the arrows acording to distance where necessary, ie i enjoy clout but a low poundage...
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    does your club use the 252/frostbite/portsmouth badge scheme?

    just taking a straw poll on how widely these badge schemes are used. Does your club use any of them to encourage novices/improvers to participate in competing, are they used as part of a wider club scheme? Do you use one or more and if so which ones? Trying to get a feel for these things as a...
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    On Ebay longbow for sale

    search Irondale longbow to see my listing. I will be looking for a decent longbow in the near future so all advice welcome.