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    Flat Bow permitted arrows

    Hi all I wish to use my flat bow (AFB Falco Spirit) in the barebow category of gnas target comps. am I allowed to use ally and carbon arrows as well as wooden?
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    [American Flatbow] Falco Spirit, order done, now waiting

    Just placed an order for my new bow to supplement my ELB with the Longbow Shop. It's a treat to self for my upcoming 60th birthday. Falco Spirit, triple carbon lamination at 40# 28" draw. i think I will look a sourcing some carbon or ACG's for something different to wooden arrows too. just a...
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    For Sale SF Elite Carbon Limbs 32lbs

    I have for sale a set of SF ELITE Carbon / Hight Foam limbs. 25H 68 - 32lbs 23H 66 - 34lbs, As new, only used a couple of times. ?105 inc of postage in mainland UK