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    70 mtr indoor

    need a few costings b4 i set a fee.... got to guaranttee arrows will not penetrate back stop netting need to find out how much backstop i need and costings will measure up this week and decide how to secure it. and how many the place will accommodate approx 8 hrs shooting time daily...
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    inspirational coaching

    i went to a club yesterday, (you know who you are) they are running a beginners course, but they do not have any club coaches. all the beginners were shooting at 15yds on 60cm faces. and all were grouping , with the odd stray arrow. all have good alignment with a few minor issues, but they have...
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    anyone come across this b4

    6 yrs or so ago at lilleshall a GB junior squaddie was shooting the gents fita. on reaching the target after the practice was done .i had the score board saying are we doing 3 doz each or does someone want to score. the junior said he didn't trust his adding up and was told by his coach not to...
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    level 2 fitness course

    if uk sport are trying to make all sports equal on their level 1,2,3,4,5 courses. and that people are saying that a level 2 rugby coach is the same as a level 2 archery coach. check out level 1 and level 2 here the course is ?450 for level 2 Fitness instructor courses feedback welcome pete
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    [English Longbow] robin hoods longbow

    mon antiques roadshow on yesterday. a gent had what he described as an original robin hood longbow , with a framed letter. looked like Yew with a few small knots, but 1800's style in my eyes 70lb draw max, looking at thickness of the stave. the owner recons that robin was buried where his last...
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    just received this

    The 'Copy & Steal Everything' Guide to Coaching Shooting Forward, April 2009. Rugby and archery: Same coach, different sport? Rugby and archery aren?t two sports you?d automatically put together. Look a little bit closer though and is there really that much difference between a rugby and...
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    steel bows

    wind down on collection.... offers for 1 green Apollo falcon steel bow offers for one blue Apollo steel bow this is in exceptional condition, cork grip is like new, PM decent offers please. dont forget postage at cost arrows may be available too i have atleast one full set in original...
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    the end is nigh...hahaha

    well feeling better, heart wise, walkin up stairs,distance etc. dont know when or if i'll shoot for a while... bored and f'ing depressed. feel as if , someone said the wrong thing i would actually smack them one. just my all time humour and comical efforts that are keeping me on the straight...
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    GB coach 2012

    well. last night i was caught out by B.C.E.(blatant case of entrapment.) the thread didn't mention suk, or any other coaches and niether was market reseach mentioned on facebook where the convo was held. the post was closed during or straight after said convo.. maybe it should have been...
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    New gb coach for 2012

    I would like to nominate richard preistman as a coach involved to take the team to 2012 olympics. His years of knowledge, olympic team member, archers in gb. and ability to work WITH people. His equipment and personal knowledge of hoyt and easton not to mention the people he knows worldwide...
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    regional / county squads

    do any other regional or county squads refuse applications from GMB's wales does, don't ask me why. but i have a good idea
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    stories,humour, interesting tales.

    1/ if at 2nd you don't succeed ...have a beer. 2/ if your getting too many 9's.....aim at the ten. 3/ how many students to make one GMB......7... 6 to shoot ...1 to add the scores together. 4/ when becoming a good friend with another archer. dont say at a bar that you've never been so drunk you...
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    this thread is now open for feedback from my small article in the new edition of THE GLADE magazine. genuine input please pete
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    coaching framework canadian style cica 2002 ok all you coaches out there found this, i believe it surpasses the uk coaching framework that is being written now, even though this was written in 2002. canadian thoughts please. remember bow hunting would have to be removed. etc pete
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    does anyone do this

    if you get some second hand equipment, do you shoot it prior to offering it to potential archers / beginners / customers...... also i'm left handed but i will shoot a right handed bow, left handed using my left eye and aiming off. as i wouldn't want a limb to fail on a beginners first...
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    AI team selection.

    why dont we put an AI team / squad together and enter the british indoor. with view to taking on counties...... bring some fun into it wouldn't it. people that dont make county squads coached over the winter by AI and then the counties can't complain president dave ?????? pete
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    who would stand up

    who would be prepared to stand up in front (not alone ) of GNAS coaching group. and tell them exactly where they are going wrong, or what you need from coaching. ideally this should come from MB's and above but shall we say bowmen (bowpersons) and above. as thats where i believe the issues...
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    longbow book dated 1949

    i purchased a book off e bay this week, purely because off the front picture Modern Archery by Frank L bilsom. he is holding a longbow at full draw with his bow hand at 45 degrees and in perfect alignment on reading the notes on the author. he was a member of the RTS he became capt of...
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    How long to GB?

    do you think someone can pick up a bow, be taught the principles, shoot everyday or most days because they dont have to go to work. and under their own steam. with no real coaching. shoot for GB in 18months... pete
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    my life ish

    born 1960, out of hospital down to archery club. done beginners course with ellis shepperd in 1968. shot until 1973, as north wales junior champion. packed in due to severe case of target panic.... mum passed away 1990, wife said go to archery club keep your dad company, dad was by then...