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  1. fluffchucker

    Shooting back

    After not having shot since January 20th due to illness, I decided to have a go at the clubs April Handicap Shoot last Sunday at New Century Bowmen of Macclesfield They were shooting National rounds, which means a total of six dozen arrows, four dozen at a longer distance and two dozen at a...
  2. fluffchucker

    Withdrawal symptoms

    I am getting proper fed up:fever: January 20.... Went to my club at New Century Bowmen, to join a new group who are NFAS January 21......Started with the flu January 28......Started with a chest infection February 7 ....Doctor prescribed antibiotics February 9 .....Allergic reaction to...
  3. fluffchucker

    Other Recurve release aid

    I'm shooting recurve & right handed but I'm having problems on the release. Six years ago I had a road traffic accident in which I got whiplash, the damaged nerves in my neck have affected my right arm from elbow to fingertips. I have a constant `pins & needles` in my right fingertips, sometimes...
  4. fluffchucker

    Not brilliant, but working on it

    It's now nearly two months since I started with my SF Forged plus. Every Tuesday night after a session at the club, I'm ready to put it on eBay. Thursday nights session, I'm glad I didn't get rid of it. `Portsmouth' PB's were creeping up slowly;- 451 - 454 - 456 Then 2 weeks ago I changed my...
  5. fluffchucker

    Recurve Sight - Cartel MAX CPD 10/32

    I'm looking at upgrading my recurve sight as I'm having issues with the SF Axiom Sight supplied with the kit. Has anyone any experience with the Cartel MAX CPD 10/32
  6. fluffchucker

    My first Frostbite

    Well the 1st Frostbite Shoot went well, with over 20 archers taking the field. The majority were from the darkside, shooting all sorts of compounds, one looking like a stretched pretzel. Not being sure what the weather was going to throw at us, I dressed accordingly. The morning however turned...
  7. fluffchucker

    First Kit ~ SF Forged PLus

    Yesterday I went to get my bow kit & after looking long & hard at which riser to buy, I decided on the Hoyt Horizon over the SF Forged Plus. After considering four archery shops, all about 1.5 hours drive away, I decided on going to see Tony Drabble at Eakring, Newark as the package he supplied...
  8. fluffchucker

    Use of mobile phone cameras at archery shoots

    Quoting from the `Archery GB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults' ?In line with the recommendation in the Archery GB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults, the promoters of this event request that any person wishing to engage in...
  9. fluffchucker

    ARCHERY CLUBS & SHOPS UK_2011.07.05 for Google Earth

    I just added a post in the Dropbox Forum about my GE.kmz file but not sure if it was the correct place :duh: Zipped file is too large for Dropbox to handle :crowded: