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  1. nfinite

    National Series 2011 - Venues announced

    Noticed this on the Archery GB website yesterday Its great to see the series is starting to cover the entire country and will not be limited to just the south of...
  2. nfinite

    Spotting scope repair shop ??

    Well, after years of clear and bright viewing in my spotting scope, it looks like its taken a knock without me noticing and hence, the prism is out of alinement... Is anybody aware of a repair shop in yorkshire. The Scope is a Helios Falcon 20-60 x 60. I cant even find the manufactures...
  3. nfinite

    Arrange beginners courses to benefit all clubs.

    Right then, Shooting yesterday down at the club and a nice chap arrives wanting to know about archery and how to get started. Go over all the details then have to say "sorry mate, we are currently half the way through a course and there will not be another until there is enough interest"...
  4. nfinite

    Eye Patches - Are they legal ?

    Just a quick one for you all. I remember a couple of years ago a few rules were brought in regarding the use of eye patches for those who have dominant eye issues. Can anybody point me in the right direction ? Regarding myself, I have recently switched to a wheely bow and closing my left eye...
  5. nfinite

    Easton ACE 720 x 11

    Just put the following arrows up on eb*y. 11 x Easton ACE 720 Arrows on eBay, also, Arrows, Flights Shafts, Archery, Sporting Goods (end time 03-Jun-09 21:42:01 BST) Set of used 11 x Easton ACE 720 Arrows 1206 G series 27" from tip of point to inside of nock (26" & 3/8 from end of shaft to...
  6. nfinite

    For Sale: ACE 720's

    Well then, I have recently wound the poundage up a bit and have gone up a spine. Hence, my current ACE's are no longer needed. There are 11 in total and I think they are exactly 27.5in from the nock groove to the tip of the pile. (Will check though if anybody is interested) currently got 90g...
  7. nfinite

    For Sale: Hoyt Helix

    For Sale. 25" Right Handed Hoyt Helix in Blue Fusion. Google Image Result for Good Condition with the usual marks around the limb pockets. Includes riser protective bag, clicker plates, Allen keys and original box. If...
  8. nfinite

    1300 star for Little Miss Purple

    I know she is not one to shout out (yey, right :raspberry) so I will do it on her behalf. Tracey has shot her 1300 fita star in the lovely sunshine at long mynd. I think she finished with 1317, which after many 1290+ in recent times, its about time she stopped Pis*ing around. Nice one tracey...
  9. nfinite

    Fair price for a avalon Plus riser

    Quick question for you all. A friend is thinking about selling his silver hoyt avalon plus riser and asked how much it would be worth? Now I am aware that this model has been changing hands for silly money over eb*y since it is still a very popular riser but what is a fair price to ask. When...
  10. nfinite

    Wanted - ACE 720

    Hello all, Im looking for some ace 720 @ 27in + My current ace's are 670's and they are a bit long but will stiffen up to much if I take them down any more from 28.5in. Would like a full set but even a few may be of use to see if I can get them to tune. Not bothered about being fleched or...
  11. nfinite

    WANTED : Camcorder

    Im looking for a digital camcorder. If anybody has one for sale or know of someone selling one, please let me know Just thought I would ask before I pop down to the shops and buy one. If anybody has anything which may suit me, just send me a PM with details and asking price Cheers Aaron
  12. nfinite

    For Sale - Full Samick Mizar Package

    Well, I got our lass a bow earlier this year and she only used it a couple of times until she learned that archery is not for her.( typical ) I have the following set for sale. I would prefer to sell it all as a set. ( Hate left-overs ) If no interest, I will most likely put it up in my local...
  13. nfinite

    Which PDA ?

    Im thinking off investing in a PDA to keep a record off my groups and How many shots im making at pratice. I would like to keep the cost down but im unsure what will be suitable with current archery software. ie. why spend ?200 when a PDA for ?80 will do just fine. Any advice would be most...
  14. nfinite

    W & W Exfeel & Synerzy limbs

    For Sale..... Win & Win Exfeel riser in blue Win & Win Synerzy limbs 68in on a 25in riser 36lbs @ 28in There both at Aardvark Archery if anybody is interested. ( sure if you give them a ring , they will put to one side ) Price : Dont know ? , Left it up to lez to come up will a fair price...
  15. nfinite

    100 yrd PB

    well, broke the 350 mark at bronte this weekend for the first time at 100 yrds. Did not come close to my bowman though or my york PB , which was a shame but plenty more shoots to come. Still , for my first shoot of the year , quite happy with that. Roll on timpley next week :yummy: :yummy...
  16. nfinite

    Whats your first outdoor competition ?

    Was just wondering what are peoples first outdoor comps this year. A few club member have already started but i have nothing untill the may bank hoilday at bronte. Am i slow in getting going this year or just weak ( still a bit cold ) :blush: