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  1. Rhys

    Dress Regulations - Club Trousers

    If you have a registered uniform, say blue tops and black trousers. Can you wear your club top with white/green trousers at a shoot? I cant see anything specific in the rules, but the shooting register does state that green and white are still acceptable for clubs who have registered kit. Can...
  2. Rhys

    Danger Signs - Fact or Myth?

    Now we dont have danger written on our safety signs, but today I heard the story about Danger signs making you more liable. The argument going Danger is an admission that what you are doing is dangerous. Does someone on here know one way of the other if this is true? If someone gets shot...
  3. Rhys

    The longest ever Fita?

    Yesterday BUSA outdoors in the wind and rain, we assembled at around 8:30am and finished 30m shooting at about 7:15 Thats nearly 12 hours! (without an hours lunch) Seriously has anyone been to anything that lasted nearly as long as that? :)
  4. Rhys

    Promoting Archery - How?

    I feel this is a relavant question given the recent rebranding etc. So what do you think can be done to promote our sport? What can we do to attract more young people into archery and to raise the profile of archery as a serious sport. It doesnt just have to be ideas that need doing by those...
  5. Rhys

    Who has a good county website?

    I'm considering creating and maintaining a website for a county association. Who thinks that their county has a good website which they use and why? What features do you think would be most useful? My current thought are: It has to be aimed at two different groups from the start. Beginners...
  6. Rhys

    If you had ?1k . . .

    If you got ?1000 extra cash for your club to spend, what would you use it on?
  7. Rhys

    Quick question hoyt edge limbs

    Someone at the club wants to know of ?85 seems fair for a pair of hoyt edge limbs that havent seen much usage? Havent had any experience of them, are they better than the budget kap limbs? Cheers, please respond asap!
  8. Rhys

    Advice appreciated

    Right then, I'm not a very good archer - thats a given. But I've really struggled to get back on form after spending the summer injured. I dont have any coaches to hand, so if any of the more experienced guys around could give me some feedback from these vids it would be greatly appreciated...
  9. Rhys

    Beiter Nock Point help

    Ok I've been having a bit of trouble getting the nock point to connect around the string, this is my best effort so far: Nock Point How can i get it on nice and tight as I serve it on? Maybe i just need to get another person to help hold down tight whilst i tie. (I've already read the beiter...
  10. Rhys

    Broke my man boob!

    Well actually i just found out that my shoulder injury is a torn pec muscle :( Hopefully it should start healing over the next few weeks and i can start doing some work with a very light bow, but its going to mess up my summer now i think. Has anyone had any experience with this kind of...
  11. Rhys

    Serving/String twists

    Hi there, I keep reading things about strings having to be twisted in different directions for right/left handed archers and/or the serving twisted in the same direction as the string. I was wondering if someone could clarify for me, does it depend on handedness or do they just have to be the...
  12. Rhys

    Vane offset

    Just a quick question before i refletch my arrows. I'm shooting 31" 480 navigators, 42lbs on my fingers. I'm going to fletch my vanes with a fair offset, towards the max i can get on such a thin shaft (although its still not much). Do you think this will give too much drag? Or should i fletch...
  13. Rhys

    Ouch! help :(

    Been shooting quite well recently, see my thread in achievements, however i've been constantly hurting my finger whilst shooting. Have a look at this link if you want to see where i'm getting blistered (it isnt too horrid!) What could...
  14. Rhys

    New FITA18 PB (OBeron)

    I dont normally post personal achievements on here, especially not scores shot in training, but i thought i'd post it as it is another OBeron tab face related PB :) Shot a 509 fita18 today, which was my first over 500! Started off with a 109 dozen, then carried on with 100-106 each dozen. The...
  15. Rhys

    Height of targets

    I dont have the rulebook to hand, can anyone just tell me the guidelines for height of a target face above the ground on a pourtsmouth?
  16. Rhys

    Coaches in Nottingham

    Hi there, I don't know whether this is entirely appropriate to post this here so sorry in advance :) I was wandering if there are any coaches in the area who fancy working with the university of Nottingham club? The people who were with us last year have moved away and I've gone about as far as...