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  1. Robin the Hood

    How do you train for that!

    The Olympic Archery is over, presented on the screen perfectly and easy to watch. My only fault I found was that I'd have liked to have seen the time clock in the corner of the screen, which was done on rare occasions.. As far as the shooting was concerned, one thing that got mentioned a number...
  2. Robin the Hood

    Modern strings for old bows...!

    Having shot for so long with recurve, I understand the variation in the string types used ie. Dacron, Fastflite, etc. which is fairly straight forward in its layout. When making strings for Longbow, using the Rope making process I'm beginning to finally get the knack. But my curiosity is, when...
  3. Robin the Hood

    Should a Coach ...?

    Should a Qualified Coach be able to coach themselves...! or is this a rarity to find..? Paul.....:scratchch
  4. Robin the Hood

    'Raised shoulder'....any ideas?

    We have a young lad on the beginners course, and as eager and determined as he is, he has a problem where his Bow shoulder just raises as soon as he starts to draw back. I have seen this before in archers and eventually it has been sorted. But here I have come to a halt and wondered if anyone...
  5. Robin the Hood

    Old fashion archery face!

    Does anyone know by any chance where I might get a picture to copy and print of an 'Old five zone face'. All I seem to find is 10 zoned FITA's....Cheers! Paul..:scratchch
  6. Robin the Hood

    Riser Recurve / Compound Risers

    I've been shooting recurve a long time but haven't tried compound, although i have held one in my hand.....My question is, can anyone explain why the handle grip on a compound in the majority of cases seem to be very slim-lined compared to the majority of the recurves? I would have thought that...
  7. Robin the Hood

    'Tournament Fun'

    As a 'Recurve archer I know there will always be a fun crowd when you see the 'Longbows' shooting. But I was wondering...... Do longbow archers like the usual York / Hereford and St George/ Albion rounds with 'Men' one end and 'Ladies' the other, or is it preferred the field is mixed and all do...
  8. Robin the Hood

    'Not Dead Yet' ........News

    Thought I'd let any of you concerned archers know, that I have just had a quick call off Pete to say that he's been called into Wythenshawe for his transplant. I assume he'll be going 'BlueLight' (one speeding ticket he won't get)........:goodvibes Paul... :highfive:
  9. Robin the Hood

    'Nishy washy' bow

    Don't know if many will remember the old Japanese bow that was out years ago, Last week I came across one that had been bought by a beginner. Finally yesterday he tried it indoor and with a slight tweeking on the B/H it was incredible to see it shot. When it came to the sound of it well, I can't...
  10. Robin the Hood

    'Not Dead Yet' he's gone quiet!...

    Just to let you know the latest... Last Thursday Pete NDY got admitted to hospital again, same as last time, excess fluid (although it was over 24 hrs before he finally reached the ward and got treatment). Anyway, they put him on drip again and the last couple of days he's finally been able to...
  11. Robin the Hood

    [English Longbow] Defining the Longbow!

    I'm starting to get more interested in the Longbow, especially in possibly making one. I've even started by considering making one to scale first. What I'd like to know is; Is there an easy route to get the GNAS rules for the the longbow and arrows, or is there any recommendations of an...
  12. Robin the Hood

    Message from 'Not dead yet'

    :chat:......Pete.....:devil:.. NDY..:ogre:.......Has sent his apologies to you all for his absence, having been admitted to Hospital today for a fortnight. He has askd me to tell you all, to take advantage of the peace and quiet that many of you will experience......because 'He'll be...
  13. Robin the Hood

    When do you stop changing ?

    This is a hypothetical question I ask for curiosity...I know it killed the cat....I'll take my chances..:covereyes An archer finally reaches a stage where they are shooting consistantly, edging the 'GMB' category and nearing the possibility of 'GB' selection. To improve the chances they must...
  14. Robin the Hood

    Any 'Brave Archers' out there?

    Very often the point concerning the distances shot at FITA's has been raised. Given the choice, would you FITA lovers be willing to go for the extra 10 mtrs if a tournament was possible? ..... i.e Men ..... 100 .. 80 .. 60 .. 40 mtrs. / Ladies ..... 80 .. 70 .. 60 .. 40 mtrs. I know in the...
  15. Robin the Hood

    Search for 'Bohning Fletchings'.

    I was told the other day of fletchings that are rubber based, and that they were made by Bohning. I've been and searched for them on the dealers net and can't find them. Anybody know who stocks them please, or have I got the wrong manufacturer?.... :scratchch Cheers! Paul... :duh:
  16. Robin the Hood

    'Who is at fault then?'

    Simple Question....:cheerful:.....A member of an archery Club has facilities 24/7 (Having shot for years. Call them 'Archer A'.) They go down one day (not a Club Day) and decide to shoot a National Round. Having started and part way into the round, another archer turns up, (New member having...
  17. Robin the Hood


    Is it me, or are the clocks on here going a bit loopy?...:bang: Paul... :cheerful:
  18. Robin the Hood

    New Club Members

    When a beginners course has been run at your club, how successful are they usually..... :scratchch... By that I mean... What percentage finish the full course? How many join ( % wise ) the club afterwards? Do they stay at the club or filter out to a level?..... :chat: Paul.... :reading:
  19. Robin the Hood

    Field Captain. / Club Level

    How many Archers / Targets does there need to be before a Field Capt. becomes necessary on a Club day? Do you have one as permanent office due to the size of your club?....:scratchch Paul... :whistlebl
  20. Robin the Hood

    Just a quickie to cheer you all up

    Any oldies out there?....Or should I say mature youths?..:crowded:.. This would be funny if it wasn't likely to be true!!! A little too near the truth for modern day Britain School 1960 vs. School 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario...