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    Anyone remember this magazine?

    Archery International. If I have this right, it seemed to be published in just one year: 1980, and folded at the end of it. Eleven issues. It covered everything: competition, history, bits of bowhunting, video coaching (yep), FITA bulletins, the Moscow Olympics and associated controversies. It...
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    Archery podcast

    What would anyone like to hear on an podcast about target archery? Could be any archer. Any questions. Any place. Anything at all, in fact. Let your imagination run wild. I've had a brief nose about the web for archery podcasts already, but I've not found what I'm looking for. If anyone knows...
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    Korean archery psychology

    Some of the more interesting comments from the interview with the Korean women's team here: World Archery > NEWS > News Can anybody become a good archer? CHANG Hye Jin: ?Yes. I think you can become a good archer if you always, always try your best to achieve your goals. As long as you?ve got a...
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    A release question

    I shoot Olympic recurve. Even as my scores have improved over the years, I have a slight tendency to 'pop' my fingers open on release rather than let the string push them out of the way. I've known this for a while, sometimes it seems to vanish, sometimes, when tired and grouchy, it can be...
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    Korean recurve squad for 2015 named

    The hardest archery tournament in the world. Archery - back to business - The Infinite Curve cheers
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    taking archery photographs

    Did a blog post about the AGB photography masterclass with Dean Alberga held at Lilleshall a couple of weeks ago (was nice to meet a few other AIUK-ers there too). Archery - Ten tips for taking great archery photographs - The Infinite Curve Enjoy.
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    Archery in Wolf Hall

    Am doing a thing about the archery in Wolf Hall (this, if you don't know what it is). Clip is here, shows Damien Lewis (as Henry VIII) and Mark Rylance (as Thomas Cromwell) shooting: W Hall on Vimeo I don't actually know a ton about longbows, but I'm guessing the actors have been taught by a...
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    Birmingham Olympics

    Just watched / read this amazing piece about Birmingham's failed bid to host the 1992 Olympics: BBC News - Birmingham's 1992 Olympic bid: Seven reasons it failed I think 'plucky' might be a good description of the bid ;-), although it apparently got more votes than Amsterdam first time round...
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    recurve coach job going

    News | Archery GB | Official Website : Archery GB Recurve Performance Coach Job Advert It's somewhat depressing news that a job that clearly requires that level of skill, knowledge and high-level experience only pays about ?20k...
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    170 years ago....

    Just been reading the Rules & Regulations of Thirsk Bowmen, published in 1845. Thirsk Bowmen exists today, but the current club apparently has no connection with the 19th century club. The committee structure, voting in, and roles and responsibilities are entirely familiar to any club member...
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    Alison Williamson has retired.

    No number seven. Archery: Olympic bronze medal winner Alison Williamson retires | Stoke Sentinel I pulled the audio off her interview with BBC Radio Stoke this morning and put it up here: I have to say, I can hear a note of 'not entirely sure/happy about this' in her...
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    Shanghai World Cup 2014

    Ranking round has been completed for all disciplines: World Archery > EVENTS > World Cup > 2014 > Shanghai > Live scores It's not been a very good day for Team GB, unfortunately.
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    "How To Master Archery"

    How many different kinds of wrong can you spot? [bangs head against wall in frustration]
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    World Champs 2013 / World Archery Congress

    Has everyone seen this? (got this off USA Archery's homepage). I like the full FITA round, but I suspect it's more for sentimental reasons. What say you?
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    World Cup Stage 4

    Lucky me, I'm off to Poland tomorrow to watch and report on stage 4 for a couple of days. I have a list of people to try and collar, photos to take, dumb questions to ask already, but if anyone has any specific requests, as in "Why do you do that twitchy thing with your mouth at full draw?" or...
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    Just when you thought Hollywood had got the hang of archery...

    So Brave, which did a lot for archery last year, deservedly won best animated feature at the Oscars last night. Unfortunately... (via Bow International's twitter feed)
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    The Six Nations / archery crossover.

    Well I never. The England No. 8 is a darksider, and it sounds like he's gone pretty deep. Hope this isn't old news. Kind of intrigued by the "pressing lights into the target face to aim at" bit too.