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  1. JamesP

    Has anyone played with the new Easton RX7 yet? With big feathers?

    Hi Dave, I've kept them about 1" longer, but I had to cut my outdoor arrows just a little bit shorter than I'd usually like.
  2. JamesP

    How Gold is a Gold????

    I've seen this with a few suppliers, and I think it's just cost-cutting when printing (cheaper ink, and less ink used per target). WA have specific colours they tell suppliers to use when they print the targets, but even with targets that have a WA license number printed on them, I've found...
  3. JamesP

    Has anyone played with the new Easton RX7 yet? With big feathers?

    I've been shooting the RX7s since November (22-475, 125grn point + RPS insert, shooting 40lbs OTF, at just over 30", 1 degree helically fletched with 4" Bohning x-vanes as a bit of an experiment). They're a little bit on the stiff side but not untunable, and they weigh a metaphorical tonne...
  4. JamesP

    Coming at it from a different direction (Oh Matron!)

    In general, it sounds like a good idea to me... But I've got to agree with Big George on this one, I wouldn't be happy if you shut down the range during a shoot for it. Maybe it'd work well at the start or end, or as something optional happening out of the way during a shoot? Then again, I can...
  5. JamesP

    Arrows - too stiff or too weak?

    Running through the numbers off the top of my head, that information makes it seem like they're probably slightly too weak, but I could be wrong on that front. I'm no expert when it comes to wooden arrow spines, and I'll admit that for the little spots of traditional archery I do - I prefer...
  6. JamesP

    Two Competitions - Mostly By Accident

    You've got the best possible mentality for your first competition season. Too many people forget that placing isn't important, what's important is working on yourself. Keep your focus on form and consistency, your score will improve itself. Don't forget that even though it's a "competition"...
  7. JamesP

    Archery Interchange V5

    It's looking good. I like the new design, and apparently I've earned a trophy already! Thanks Dave!
  8. JamesP

    Roxburgh Border Bow

    Hi, My archery club recently asked me to look after a Border bow that's been sat in our storage for as long as anyone can remember, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it. I saw there was a Border Archery forum here, so I thought this would be the place to ask. It's a...