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  1. Hellequin

    Samick Athlete

    anyone know anything about this make of bow? Is it any good? Samick athlete recurve bow 25 inch KAP evolution limbs 68 inch @30lbs
  2. Hellequin


    I work for IBM and am looking for any others here who work for the Big Blue. Was wondering if we could get a IBM Championship one day.... drop me a line at steve_hig[email protected]
  3. Hellequin


    Looking to buy a scope. Any advice on what to buy and does this look a good buy? NIPON 20-60x70 Spotting Scope Powerful Zoom, Water Proof, Brand New ?64.99 NIPON 20-60x70 Spotting Scope, Water Proof, New.RRP£379 on eBay, also, Telescopes, Binoculars Telescopes, Photography (end time...
  4. Hellequin

    Jack and Jill

    ok, what is a Jack and Jill in competitions?
  5. Hellequin

    Cavalier tabs

    Anyone know where I can get some new little screws to hold the leather to the metal on a Cavalier tab?