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  1. Medoc

    Shoot a Record for Long or Short Metric, think again.

    A guy at the club shot a new national record for the short metric with longbow at the North Cheshire FITA star in August. He did it with a big margin and filled out the forms etc at the end of the shoot, so far so good. A week or so ago he got a reply from Archery towers saying that...
  2. Medoc

    Anyone Got any Stainless Hoyt Limb Bolts?

    Hi I am not wishing to start a thread which degnetares into an argument about engineering failures being acceptable etc, However a guy at our club hoyt limb bolts failed again on Tuesday this week these were the beefed up ally version as he had already had the thinner ally pair fail. As with...
  3. Medoc

    Hoyt 2009 Prices

    Ok so if you are looking for a new bow and and it was a 2008 Hoyt model I would buy it now. Just been gobsmaked by the fact that Hoyt have rammed at least 10% on last years prices and added to the dollar, pound or euro exchange rate this means some heafty price increases on 2008 models, eg...
  4. Medoc

    A-Frame Stands - a Rant

    Have been shooting a double York this weekend in very windy weather and the weekend was undoubtably ruined by the use of A frame stands. This weekends count of completely un-neccesary breakages (for 4 archers) was 7 X10's and 6 ACE's all done for in the red on the 7/8 line, if H frame stands...
  5. Medoc

    What's gone wrong with my Hobby.

    This may be come a rant about a whole range of things which are connected to our sport and have started to wind me up lately. So heres my list of gripes,in no paricular order. Dont carry knives (as you will probably run riot) Dont drink (anything except water) Dont talk to juniors (as you...
  6. Medoc

    Wanted - Toxonics Mounting Block

    I am looking for a mounting block and screw for a Toxonics Naildriver sight, or possibly a toxonics sight complete, please PM me if you have either for sale. Cheers Mark
  7. Medoc

    Carter Jus B Cuz (ITS)

    For sale a newish Carter Just B Cuz, with the interchangable tension system and full set of springs and allen keys. Less than 6 months old in immaculate condition in red finish. ?60 inc postage (UK) P.M. me if you are intersested.
  8. Medoc

    Hoyt Protec 2005, XT2000 Cam 1/2

    For sale to a good home a Hoyt Protec XT2000 cam 1/2, in blue fusion, 6 months old in immaculate condition, 27 - 29" drawlwngth 50 - 60#. Right Handed Piccies available, please email or PM.
  9. Medoc

    Is RGSPHOTO Trying for another Fonzy?

    Not satisfied with his now legendary forgetting to shoot an end at a tournament, I believe my mate Rich is trying for an additional Fonz (to go with his raffle ticket PB). Not sure why? well just look at his bow setup when he replies here, no bow, no arrows but a Sureloc sight and a Beiter rod...
  10. Medoc

    For Sale Spotting Score and Tripod

    I have updated my scope so I am offering my old one for sale, here are the details. Myopta sport scope 70mm objective lens 25 X fixed magnification The scope and lenses are in good condition with no scratches or damage. Aluminum Tripod Extends to 2mtrs high with mounting plate (fixed to...
  11. Medoc

    Spotting Scopes

    Mrs Medoc is going to buy me a new spotting scope (I'm a lucky boy) for the outdoors, as my existing one is very long in the tooth. Anyhows this is what I have and what I will be looking for in my new scope: Existing: 70mm front lens 25X fixed eyepiece Not waterproof Old Russian Meopta sport...
  12. Medoc

    Archery Mind in Top Gear.............Doh!

    Ahh there I was on the line at Adel today, brain in archery mode (thanks to the lack of beer, wine or alcohol of any sort last night), I am going along quite nicely and about half way through the round, I draw up and am at full draw aiming etc and something just doesnt feel right. So my highly...
  13. Medoc

    Beiter Longrod for Sale

    I have a Beiter lonrod for sale (I now shoot the Doinker D2) it is approx 12 months old and comprises: Beiter 41" lonrod with 5 tuners. (the tuners are alternate colours metallic blue and sliver) but as we all know you can buy different colours. Spare carbon shafts to make it 30" Both inserts...
  14. Medoc

    Whats your Goal for 2006?

    Well its new year and I have been asked by my coach to identify and commit to paper my shooting goals for this year, and I have to say its proving harder than I thought. Do I set soft objectives that I know I will achieve or do I give myself targets that I may not get to? on the one hand I...
  15. Medoc

    Doinker Long Rod

    I am considering giving a Doinker rod a try, however if anyone has any experience of these I would be grateful for the input. As with all things archery related there is a tendency to get too Teccy, which I dont want to do, I am currently shooting a 40" Beiter and although its Ok it feels...