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  1. Raphe

    Whatever happened to the Spinbow?

    Did anything further ever come out about the mysterious spinbow?
  2. Raphe

    Best limbs sub ~180gbp?

    Simple question: what are the best limbs in the mid price range? And why?
  3. Raphe

    Button to shelf clearance

    Is there a standard measure for the distance between the centre of the plunger button and the surface of the shelf on risers? I ask because on my Eclipse I am plagued with clearance issues, and my coach - having eliminated every tuning issue on the bow that might cause it that we can think of -...
  4. Raphe

    Future dinosaurs?

    Talking TFCs in another thread got me thinking... What recurve archery kit currently in use do you think is likely to fall out of fashion and be forgotten (and why?) (I'm taking TFCs to be an example of something once considered de rigeur and now almost abandoned)
  5. Raphe

    A bad habit?

    I'm early in my shooting career (RH recurve), but I've found a comfortable/repeatable form and am told my draw length etc is consistent (sans clicker). However, I find my anchor point in a slightly odd way, and I'm worried that it might be a limiting factor as I improve, despite it giving me my...
  6. Raphe

    Iris manufacturer?

    I've seen a lot of positive comments on the Gehmann Iris for recurve. :cake: However, just saw the Lyons iris aperture: I'm thinking of trying one of these: given the price looks to be the same, anyone have any comments on their relative merits?
  7. Raphe

    Bow stand for Eclipse?

    I am currently (trying to) use a W&W Viper stand with my Hoyt Eclipse, but it isn't really satisfactory. The rest for the handle doesnt engage very well, and the bow tends to fall forward. I like the 'upright' positioning of the 'handle+stabliser support' style stands - can anyone suggest a...