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    That 500 is such psychological barrier, and once broken you gain so much confidence, soon you'll wonder why it was so hard to get there. Sounds like it's all just clicked for you, well done.
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    Gold at the Middlesex indoor open

    In my last post I said the rivalry was not about to stop soon, well due to an recurring shoulder injury my brother has turned to the dark side, you know, the bow with the training wheels.
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    Gold at the Middlesex indoor open

    I do to a point, however my twin brother also shoots BB and we are highly competitive between us. Shooting a PB or getting a medal is good, but beating my brother is better :LOL: We've had 50 years of this bitter (but good natured) rivalry and it's not about to stop soon.
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    How quickly does a beginner outgrow limbs?

    It's generally recommended to go up in 2lbs increments, however it all depends on you and how easy your finding your current poundage.
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    Gold at the Middlesex indoor open

    I agree, gold is still gold. Although I didn't shoot my best, I did improve on my score from last time I shot this comp by 29 points, so all's good. The young girl was Amelia Chumber, she's been rapidly climbing the ladder recently, even made 8th place at Lancaster last month, and that was in...
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    Gold at the Middlesex indoor open

    Thanks guys. Well I found out last night that a 13 year old girl beat my score, she shot 548 and 544 in her second session and took 2 UK records.
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    9yr old daughters sas

    That's great news, it's always good to hear about juniors doing well.
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    Gold at the Middlesex indoor open

    Bagged the gold for male barebow at the Middlesex indoor open, didn't shoot very well but managed to scrape 536 (Portsmouth round) to beat second place by 1 point. Also took gold in the barebow team event with my brother, plus others in my club had good placing's as well. To top it off it I'm...
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    Questions about RX7/X23 for indoors

    That's a very impressive Portsmouth score, I'm one of the top barebow in our county (indoors, I just can't seem to get the outdoors right) and my PB is 551.
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    Gillo GT Riser 2019

    I can see this being a good barebow riser for a few reasons, one being tiller adjustment for large crawls, at present my tiller bolts are maxed out (one all the way in, the other all the way out) and I still need more adjustment. It also has good weight to it. And the most important thing, they...
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    Laleham Archery Club's medal haul.

    As a club we had 21 archers entered in the Guildford WA25 last Sunday. We're quite unusual as we have a lot of barebow archers, this turned out to be a good thing. Medals were awarded for each of the three sessions and then for overall, plus a team event. Laleham won medals in every barebow...
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    Is your club joining in with AGB Big Archery Weekend?

    Ours does, we normally pick up a few beginner course bookings.
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    Random quiver question

    How about a golf trolley and bag, you'd get a lot more in there and wouldn't be carrying the weight.
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    Christmas club shoots

    No, but only because I hadn't thought about it until your post :unsure:
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    Marking Arrows

    When shooting in a comp they like your arrows to be named so if you loose one it can be returned when found, I have name and club on mine.
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    Some arrows going left.

    TT you're right about string catching clothing, I noticed that the club badge on my top interferes with my string, I got around it with careful positioning but will get a chest guard.
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    Some arrows going left.

    Update, Arrows are now going where I point them (well mostly). Also did well in the competition on Sunday bagging first place.
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    Some arrows going left.

    Well I checked my button, and it wasn't not moving consistently, as in not always returning to the fully out position or moving freely. I'd tightened the grub screw up to much last time I adjusted the centre shot, so my fault. Lets see how Friday nights practice goes.
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    Some arrows going left.

    I normally know when I have a bad release, on these shots all felt good. I'll try the matchstick test on Friday and report back, thank you. The button is a spig micro click (my second as the first one developed a notchy feel) I think the next one will be a Beiter. I need to sort this quick as I...
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    Some arrows going left.

    I haven't had chance to check yet, will do tomorrow.