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  1. dvd8n

    How Gold is a Gold????

    WA target colours have specified pantone colours. Are the targets official WA targets?
  2. dvd8n

    covert hunter hex 8

    It does specifically tell you no on the website. I imagine that there's too big a risk of the string coming out of it's groove on the deep hook.
  3. dvd8n

    Neet quivers

    Is there anything that you specifically want to know?
  4. dvd8n

    Neet quivers

    I use exactly that quiver and have done for years now. I switched to leather after having a couple of nylon ones disintegrate really quickly. This one isn't showing any wear at all. The only fault is that the velcro on the flap is getting a bit weak, but all velcro does that; I'm thinking of...
  5. dvd8n

    Tuning forks?

    Yes, I've been through this as well, although usually with the Post Office. The really annoying thing is that there doesn't seem to be any appeals process; its basically 'pay what we demand or you don't get your stuff'. One particularly annoying case was when the sender put the insurance value...
  6. dvd8n

    Latest facepalm image...

    Note that it's only suitable if you're 5'7" tall and weigh 121lb. That's me out...
  7. dvd8n

    Tuning forks?

    I just used to notice that the string occasionally wasn't sitting in the string groove at the end of the limb, but rather one or two mm to one side. With a small nudge it would slip back into the groove with a slight click. But then later on in the session I'd notice that it was out of it's...
  8. dvd8n

    What's in your quiver?

    We rent our field course from Scottish Natural Heritage; they inspect the land once a year to make sure that we are looking after it. So, once a year we have a big tidying up session. There's not a lot of rubbish but every year it amazes me how many ancient beer cans we find in the...
  9. dvd8n

    ArcheryGB activating online account

    Well, I've had a look round my account, and in the words of the late great Douglas Adams, it doesn’t seem to achieve much but I'll probably find out what it's for later on.
  10. dvd8n

    ArcheryGB activating online account

    Well, after a couple of days and a lot of emails and help from a very helpful lady called Sharon I got my account activated. I really hope that I was some sort of weird edge case and they don't need to do that for all 40,000 members :rolleyes:
  11. dvd8n

    ArcheryGB activating online account

    Well I wasn't overjoyed by the idea but I thought that I'd better in case it was connected to the new one man one vote thingy.
  12. dvd8n

    ArcheryGB activating online account

    Sooooo........... my ArcheryGB card arrived this morning. The attached info said "Please activate your online account". So I went to the address given and followed the on-screen instructions on the site and set up a log-in. So, I have a Sport:80 dashboard; there is no membership number; odd...
  13. dvd8n

    Bow Poundage

    A higher poundage bow will give you a flatter arrow trajectory. This is useful in field shooting unmarked distances; the effect will be that a misjudgment of the distance will not be so catastrophic due to less drop of the arrow.
  14. dvd8n

    Arrows for field

    I use FMJs for field shooting as I find them way more robust than the others. I fletch them with bohning impulse vanes that are also extremely robust. They will break, but they will put up with an awful lot before they do. Having said that, it's my opinion that platinum pluses are really good...
  15. dvd8n

    does it matter which way arrows spin?

    As another aside, I use left wing solely because my first fletching jig, that I happened to get for a really good price second hand, happened to be a lefty.
  16. dvd8n

    does it matter which way arrows spin?

    As an aside, you wouldn't believe how badly arrows fly if you use the wrong wing for your jig. All me how I know :rolleyes:
  17. dvd8n

    does it matter which way arrows spin?

    No. Pick a direction, buy the gear for it and stick with it. It makes no difference as long as your fletching kit matches the feathers you've bought.
  18. dvd8n

    Draw arm shoulder proble.

    I'd recommend going to see a proper sports physio. I had a similar problem and went to see my gp. He didn't really understand sports injuries and his advice didn't help much at all. After the sports physio visit I felt improvements almost immediately. He gave me a massage and specific...
  19. dvd8n

    New Field Distances?

    My Archery UK magazine arrived this morning and there was an article entitled "Field: new shorter target distranges". As well as new pegs that are not to be used for WRS or Arrowhead shoots the article talks about: The Red and Blue pegs being "Adjusted Shooting Positions" - but I'm not seeing...
  20. dvd8n

    Shooting off the shelf.

    If I switch from shooting a stick on rest to off the shelf, will the bow need stiffer arrows, weaker, or just the same?