1. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    waaa apologies for the spamming. Think I got the lot!
  2. dvd8n @ dvd8n:
  3. bimble @ bimble:
    it's five o'clock somewhere
  4. dvd8n @ dvd8n:
    Is half past one too early for a toddy? 🤧
  5. dvd8n @ dvd8n:
    Beautiful frosty blue skies today. Fantastic day for shooting. Stuck on the sofa with a head cold 🤒
  6. Rabid Hamster @ Rabid Hamster:
    Best switch to scotch in this weather.. FIFY!
  7. W @ wully:
    Best switch to scotch pies in this weather..
  8. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    Swittch to mince pies
  9. bimble @ bimble:
    must try to eat fewer biscuits in the office tomo
  10. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    Hmmm...if I got paid for my *actual* hours...
  11. bimble @ bimble:
    I hope it doesn't drift into "weeks"... I'd have to seriously think about putting my overtime in
  12. bimble @ bimble:
    only because work seriously underestimated how long this job would take! 😂
  13. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    There's a few long weeks ahead, methinks
  14. bimble @ bimble:
    think I have earned this beer... 🍻