1. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    @PeterJD put your requirements into the wanted section.
  2. P @ PeterJD:
    I need some ACC 3-28-500 spined AMO 29.5 - 30 or inches.Anyone have a couple they wish to sell, or exchange for some ACG 480 spine arrows shaft length 29.5 inches or AMO 30 inches
  3. bimble @ bimble:
    it's very much like climbing, women wear leggings, men wear shorts
  4. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    Not for decripit archers it isn't. And if it's a midge infested course it'll be solid coverage top to toe!
  5. Rabid Hamster @ Rabid Hamster:
    @Timid Toad ... assuming thats preferred running gear. Am more an ambler myself these days.
  6. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
  7. bimble @ bimble:
    though I suspect a bit slower around that field course... ;)
  8. Rabid Hamster @ Rabid Hamster:
    ok Timid ... shorts, running shoes ...... GO! 😳
  9. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
    Ha! Do further on an average field course.
  10. bimble @ bimble:
    the "Sprint" individual is 3x400m (plus penalty laps)
  11. bimble @ bimble:
    the mixed team relay only requires you to manage 400m (plus penalty laps)
  12. dvd8n @ dvd8n:
    Looks like something that I would have been mad keen on 30 years ago before my back gave out :cry:
  13. bimble @ bimble:
    went to a Run Archery event today... don't worry, I wasn't running
  14. dvd8n @ dvd8n:
    I reckon it's because she's vegetarian and therefore there's no nutritional value in her blood.
  15. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
  16. dvd8n @ dvd8n:
    Bugs totally ignore my wife and go straight for me. She must have some sort of genetic bug repellent. Science should investigate her.
  17. Timid Toad @ Timid Toad:
  18. Mark31121 @ Mark31121:
    I use my other half as a human shield against midge - she must be tastier