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Thread: Cleaning my shaft

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    Question Cleaning my shaft

    Is isotone the same as acetone?

    If it is can I use it to clean my X10's?
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    oh er...... sorry could resist

    I use acetone, isotone is the a physics term see below

    shameless copied from the internet

    One of two or more atoms which display a constant difference A - Z between their mass number A and their atomic number Z. Thus, despite differences in the total number of nuclear constituents, the numbers of neutrons in the nuclei of isotones are the same. The numbers of naturally occurring isotones provide useful evidence concerning the stability of particular neutron configurations. For example, the relatively large number (six and seven, respectively) of naturally occurring 50- and 82-neutron isotones suggests that these nuclear configurations are especially stable. On the other hand, from the fact that most atoms with odd numbers of neutrons are anisotonic, one may conclude that odd-neutron configurations are relatively unstable.
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    Isotone is a physics term and certainly nothing to do with solvents.

    I suspect there is some confusion here, the proper chemical name for Acetone is Propanone. Maybe you are confusing this with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)? IPA and acetone are both fairly good solvents for cleaning so IPA is probably all right but don't quote me on that as I know nowt about X10's.


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    Use IPA (isopropyl alchohol) it is not as harsh. but works as good
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    Quote Originally Posted by artee View Post
    Use IPA (isopropyl alchohol) it is not as harsh. but works as good
    Wetherspoons are currently selling IPA at 99p a pint.

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    If at all possible stay away from acetone.
    It usually spells doom to most plastics and painted surfaces.
    It is also absorbed through the skin whereupon it can do nasty things to various vital organs!
    Use Isopropyl alcohol.
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