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Thread: String Maintenance

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    String Maintenance

    I had a very wet and windy session at the club yesterday - it didn't start that way but got worse as time went on.

    I had a good clean and dry session once home but wondered what to do about the string. I wax it regularly but should I do anything more than hang it up to dry out.


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    Yeah, just leave it out of your case until your next session and it'll be fine.

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    Don't hang it up in such a way that the twists in the string unwind otherwise you'll need to set the brace height from scratch
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    Thanks for the replies. I use string clip thingy to stop it unwinding anyway.

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    Thumbs up waxing a string for this wet weather

    If the nock loops are served, treat them as you would the serving at the centre of the string. I use a leather preservative, made for outdoor shoes and boots, and it goes right through the serving, driving out the moisture. Once I saw how much my Fastflite strings liked it, I started using it on the entire string, even the Flemish twist loops at the end. Properly treated, a good bowstring will last 3 - 4 years, being used hard every other day.
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