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Thread: PSE recurve grip (for an Intrepid) - Where can I get one?

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    PSE recurve grip (for an Intrepid) - Where can I get one?

    Hi All,

    I have my old PSE Intrepid that I'd like to start shooting again.
    However, my grip preferences have changed since I last shot it so I am wondering if it is still possible to get a grip to fit it that I can then modify with putty.

    I know Jager make ones that still fit, but that's a tad expensive given I want to modify it myself. I just want a basic plastic grip that I can fit on then mess around with (I just used a 12 ergo on my current Hoyt bow).

    I'm struggling to find anything on the UK shop sites, or even further afield (e.g. Lancaster), so if anyone knows of where I can get a grip that might fit I'd be grateful!


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    Gorgeous riser, the Intrepid. I'll never let mine go.

    Re. grips, the Intrepid was designed to have the same grip fitting as the Yamaha Eolla, which isn't that much help unless you know of one of those going spare.

    What's more useful to you is the fact that I once had a Jager grip for my Intrepid. I didn't get on with it, so I sold it on, but in theory Jager might be able to turn one out for you.

    [Edit - sorry, it was a bit late and I was tired. I missed your comment about Jager ]

    Good luck!
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