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Thread: Dioptre/Magnification eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoosh View Post
    Bimble - have you a link to that chart please?
    I generally just google "archery scope magnification distance" and it's usually somewhere near the top. However, if you go to page 61 of the 'Archery Trade Association - Technical Guidelines' that should be printable at the right dimensions (being a pdf).
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    When I decided to use a scope I got the housing, tried various dioptres by holding them at arms length. I bought a .5 and a .75, tried both and settled on the .5. Nothing beats 'suck it and see'. worms back in can, can kicked down the road.

    Now all we have to do is sneak off before some one mentions depth of field.
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    I ordered the equivalent of the 0.5 in 'cheap'. Mainly because theory says lower D for longer DL. Also should be a more gentle transition from a recurve sight.

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    Added a pdf with the chart to the download section under manuals: (This file is in the moderation queue).
    Don't know how long it will take though and if it's accepted.


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    Just to add to the confusion.
    What does X2 mean?
    If you view a rule with one eye, whilst the other has the X2 lens in front. Does a 1mm division on the rule viewed through the lens appear the same length as 2mm viewed with the eye?
    I suspect some manufacturers go by the apparent magnification of AREA... so if they would claim that as X4 (e.g a 1mm sided square is now a 2mm sided square which has an area of 4 sq mm).
    Very much a case of caveat emptor.

    I once drew up a label x2 (e.g with linear dimensions double size) I sent it off to the printer to be printed at half size.... it came back half the area!!!
    They said it's their industry way of doing things... I was not amused.
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