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Thread: Comfort vs Speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColinL View Post
    Cheers Timid Toad. My riser is a W&W TF Apecs. I'll bite the bullet and give Borders as call. BTW - do you shoot their risers too?
    Yes, I'm luck enough to own a Tempest - I love it. Rock solid, stable and just sits there. Very nice post shot reaction in the hand, no unwanted vibration.
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    Hi John, which "set up advice" are you referring to?
    I seem to remember that you were compiling a set up guide a year or so ago, and you were waiting for Sid to "sign it off".
    Did he ever do that, and is the manual available at all?
    The Border website is sadly short on set up guidance, except for the basic Tempest riser guide.
    I know that Sid hasn't substantially updated the website for a few years, and that Facebook and Instagram are his methods for dialogue with users of Border products.
    But, some of us use neither, so the only set up guidance that I've ever seen has been from fellow archers on this site.

    I've got Hex 6's, 7's and now 8's, and haven't seen any official Border set up guidance at all.
    Even bowstrings, with string lengths and serving lengths to suit the 7's and 8's curves would be really useful.

    Thanks, Andrew.

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    Yes, I was going to produce some guides for them. I've been in tech comms/content editing for over 20 years now, and in archery for even longer, so it's about time I combined my experience

    However, in order to do that, I need Sid's time as well as my own. He simply hasn't had that time to give, so the Tempest guide remains as it is for now, and the other guidance has yet to be written.

    So the advice I'm referring to is - currently - the advice that can be obtained directly via email, from other shooters here, and from the official FB and Instagram accounts.
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    Well I bit the bullet and went for Uukha. Tried the VX+ but a bit out of my league. I decided to get their new riser and a pair of EVO2's. Even shooting the Graphene limbs on the Uukha riser felt like a great improvement. Perhaps further down the line I may go for a higher spec limb - or poss Borders but there's no rush. TBH the challenge of setting up Borders - combined with the fact that they don't answer their phone - put me off. That said; I can see myself going down that road one day. Thanks for your advice guys.

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    Border, I think might be on their annual 2 week holiday shutdown. So they won't be answering their phone. But most of their product is made to order, so if you needed off the peg you were probably not going to get what you wanted in two weeks anyway. Setting up will be a doddle once you've tackled the uukhas, so don't worry on that account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK View Post
    Only if you don't follow the set up advice, and try to tune them like a conventional limb .
    JohnK can you explain that please? Like other people on this forum I havenít been able to find any set up advice on any Border limbs anywhere. So exactly HOW do you set them up?
    I thought there was only one way to set up a bow. Allowing for correct spine: find a sweet spot with brace height, bare shaft then fine tune with plunger/pressure button.
    What other way is there?
    If there is a secret Border way I wish someone would share it!

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