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Thread: Tulip Wooden Arrows

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    Tulip Wooden Arrows

    Has anyone made wooden longbow arrows using 'Tulip Wood'?

    If so. How does it behave?

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    I remember having seen an article stating it is quite good arrow material.
    It usually has a substantial medullary channel, though.
    On the upside, the sprouts are often quite straight, or easily heat-straightened.

    I suggest websites dedicated to "primitive archery" for a search. They use to have an extensive knowledge about woods and their usabilities for archery.

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    Thanks for the reply. I got some 11/32" diameter dowelling and have made it into some 'barrelled' arrows (just to see how it performs with my longbow).

    It turned out to be a very 'fluffy' finish after I have used a sandpaper tapering jig and electric drill. It is heavier that cedar but not as heavy as my pine arrows. But it MUCH cheaper.

    However it will be interesting to see how they perform. At the low cost of the material and a little time they may be worthwhile.

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