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Thread: String Maintenance

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    String Maintenance

    Hi folks. I've been shooting a basic beginners bow with dacron string and 2 brass nocking points for about 3 months. For some time I'd been wondering about string maintenance and then the lower nocking point fell off during a shoot, so I decided it was time for action!

    So, my questions are as follows:

    1. When stringing the bow, should I re-twist the string (despite using a peg, I can't keep it twisted when removed) and if so, how many turns are best for a basic dacron string? I put about half a dozen into it whenever I string the bow.

    2. How often should I wax the string and is there a preferred type/brand and method for doing so?

    3. I plan to replace the remaining nocking point before it is propelled somewhere down range. My first thoughts were to use synthetic thread and super glue after jimmying the thing off with a couple of pairs of pliers. However, I am paranoid about tying on the nocks and any advice (and pictures) would be very welcome.

    3.a. If I twist the string 6 times when I string the bow in preparation for replacing the nocking point, must I always take care to twist the string 6 times in future for fear of moving the point?


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    1. a basic starting point for recurve strings is one twist for every three inches of string! eg. if you have a 68" bow your sting will be roughly 65.5-66" long so you would start with 22 twists. then if you find this shoots well measure the bracing height (distance from the centre of the pressure button hole to the string) and every time you restring the bow twist the string untill you get the correct bracing height. Dacron strings do usually have quite alot of strech in them so if you always put the exact amout of twists in the string the bracing height will decrease over time.

    2. You should wax your string around every 4-5 shoots. I find that using Tex-tite string wax is the best for recurve string.
    Method:- String your bow with twists in the string, apply a generous coating of the wax to all unserved areas of the string, then either using a piece of leather or your fingers rub the wax thouraghly (this will allow it to melt into the string fibers) then take a length of serving thread or cotton and wrap it once or twice round the string, pull the thread tight and run it up and down the string taking off the excess wax.

    3. using a synthetic thread as your nocking point is advantagous as brass nocking points slow the string down.
    Method:- find where you want the top nocking point and tie the thread onto the sting using a simple half knot. pass the ends to the other side of the string and repeat the half knot. do this 4-6 times then finish with a reef knot. cut the ends down to about 3mm thenmelt them with a lighter and press them dow, this should stop it coming loose.

    3.a. the best way to ensure your nocking point stays in the same place is ensuring your bracing height is always the same, as mentioned above putting the same amount of twists in, the string can still strech and therefor move the nocking point.

    i hope this helps.


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    Hi, Lock. (can I call you lock?) ;-)

    Thanks for your answers! I now have a brace height gauge on order (I was told one could get away with using a ruler, but on consideration, the riser is not a regular shape and it would be nice to be confident in one's measuring device). I also got some Tex-tite. I already have some appropriate thread somewhere so I predict some anxious moments ahead as I measure, twist, ply and tie my height, string, brass ring and nocking point!


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