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Thread: Disposal of Straw Butts.

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    Question Disposal of Straw Butts.

    At our archery club we are renewing our worn out straw butts for the summer season. Being the only club member who owns a white van and therefore the unofficial club logistics officer! But seriosly anything to help the club out and keep those subs down Does anyone know where straw butts can be recycled or a good method of recycling/ reusing them for another purpose? I really don't want to take them to the landfill.

    Our club, Blue Arrows is in Ipswich Suffolk so it would have to be close by otherwise it wouldn't be worth the recycling/diesel equation.

    Thanks, Silverbow.

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    If you shoot outdoors on your own club land host a fire arrow comp using old bosses as targets and have a BBQ (not over the bosses), make an evening of it (Non alcholic evening, before anyone says anything).

    We have 2/3 to dispose of and this seems to be the easiest way, next to uncoiling them and dumping in someone else's industrial wheely bin
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    Thanks but we shoot in the grounds of Suffolk Police Headquarters so a bonfire is out of the question, well not without a complimentary accomodation from HM Prisons!

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    A local allotment association may be interested in them

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    Or your local authority probably collects organic matter for composting

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    hiya dtalbot, you could always have a look on the nfas website under clubs,there is an field archery club in your area by the name of oakwood bowmen, they might find a good use for them at there unmarked field course for back stops, there course is in the rendalsham forest and a few of there members are from the ipswich area, might help out some fellow archers,

    just found this address on the nfas website,

    Oakwood Bowmen Venue: nr Woodbridge Suffolk
    Del Newman Tel: 01473 659421
    2, St Mary's Park, Bucklesham, Suffolk, IP10 0DY

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