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Thread: Things we need!

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    Things we need!

    We have a lot of plans, we have permission from the estate for a Marks style shoot, Have had for over a year, just cant get near it...

    We have other plans too, but just need to sort one small issue out.

    We need Staff, reliable, honest, working staff.... We have failed to find even one of those attributes from the Job centre so, if anyone has any ideas, we would be glad to hear of where good staff lurk.

    But in that problem, we are 3 guys down, and are struggling to meet the deadlines we have placed with us. The concerns we have in the 12-14 weeks quoted deadlines, all hell can break loose and those deadlines get erroded, to the current 20 weeks we are managing at the moment.
    Issue being, we quoted 12-14 weeks, and 20 weeks later we still dont have their bow finished.
    We have some very understanding customers, but we are also seeing a larger and larger demand!
    In that note, We need a new website, The one we have is not up to date (Totally out of date infact). We have plans, but hours in a day are a issue, when you are behind, again advise is welcome. We have about 300 orders at any one time, so thats about 180 customers phoning/emailing at any one time and there are two of us in the office, dealling with emails, phonecalls, packing, and orders.

    3 guys down with old demand, incresed demand means more guys.

    So can we please ask for a little patience till we can get the right guys in the right place and get our production director, Dave back on track, we should get back on top of things.

    In the mean time, if anyone has missed a reply from us, we are very sorry.
    We have had 4 years of answering every email we have recived, (Spam excluded) within 24 hours, and this is the first time we have not managed it!

    Hope you understand, but if its instock, its instock and ready to ship. no delays.


    the Guys/girls at border


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    I guess this means no HexVs before Vegas?

    I can do patience, the end product is well worth it. Unfortunately decent craftsmen are few and far between . We have the same problem in the heritage sector - the old hands retire and aren't replaced because no-one is interested. Time to rethink apprenticeships, Mr Brown!
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    I (and I'm sure there are others on this forum) could help out with the web side of things if there was a pressing need.

    I'm sure that doesn't help when you don't have the time to figure out content to put on it though.

    Still, the offer is there.

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    last thing i want is my limbs rushed, and i dont need them for the indoors anyhow - plus it gives me more time to look for colours for them.

    hope you guys are coping ok though and that things get back to normal (whatever that is , ay lol) soon


    forgot to add: if things were different i'd be up there like a shot (no pun intended) to help out
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