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Thread: Boss Conservation

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    If you use larger faces, there aren't that many positions that can be used on any boss. If archers don't mind shooting at non standard faces, beer mats can be placed in odd places that proper faces can't.


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    Strikes me this would be an excellent problem solving project for your Engineering Course students (assuming you have one). Why not contact the Department Head? They can only say no!


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    for some of the more accurate shooters - get them using 3-spots. Either use them as intended (one arrow per face) or one archer per face. The smaller size will allow more faces/positions per boss.

    There is also the possibility of using a different type of boss for the more accurate folk - possibly danage ones...

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    It sounds as though you have the Eros type bosses. These come with an integral stand and also just the boss (at least they did around 3 years ago). These are good bosses in that they can be taken to bits (screw mechanism at the 'top'), the foam strips, which are in 'cassettes' taken apart and reassembled again. The ones that the local Leisure Centre have have the layers running horizontally. This means that the arrows landing in the boss will go through several layers in one go causing accelerated wear. We cut off the front legs where they projected from the 'base' then unbolted the back legs. The boss then became a square without legs, was tilted 90 degrees and set on an H stand. Voila - a boss with the layers vertical, screw mechanism at the side. If your bosses are the same design it may be difficult to bring yourself to attack them with a saw, but have a look, think about it (deep breath) then go for it!

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