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Thread: One-piece Samick Sage vs Southwest Archery Spyder takedown

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    One-piece Samick Sage vs Southwest Archery Spyder takedown


    I'm new to archery, and I'm about to buy my first bow. I've read a lot, and my final choice has taken me to 2 models: Samick Sage and Soutwest Archery Spyder. It is was only about these two I think the decision would be clear since it seems the Spyder is kind of a "version 2" of the Samick Sage with a better finish and more quality materials.

    This said since I don't plan to remove the limbs nor travel with my bow I was really hesitating between the abovementioned Spyder and the One-Piece Samick Sage model. On the other hand I have now the elegance and the beauty of the one-piece model, and that's making me doubt a lot. The specs are pretty much the same except for the fact that the one-piece Samick Sage comes in 60" length only, but to me that's not a break dealer (I guess it'll be slightly harder to shoot than a 62", but again, not a big deal).

    Do you guys have any preference or any suggestion? Any pros/cons on the models mentioned above or on the one-piece recurve bows in general?

    Thanks in advance for your tips!


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