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Thread: Insurance and land

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    While I agree with your response to a great extent, I feel good target positioning should make that an impossibility.
    Obviously this isn't practical if you are laying out an entire course... but a few targets for friends, positioned at the bottom of dips or in front of high inaccessible banks should be feasible.
    After all targets shouldn't be laid out with blind areas behind.
    Better IMO to rely on good layout than on insurance.
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    can you actually get insurance for what you want is another question.
    Nearly every farmer is a member of the CPSA (clay pigeon shooting association) not because they shhot clays but because the insurance covers all of their shooting activites so bagging a walker when shooting vermin is part of the package and individual insurance for such things would be prohibitively expensive.
    You would alos have to consider what you want to actually cover. i used to run a business where we sold at marrkets and fairs and the venue needed insurance, the organiser of the event needed insourance and we needed insurance all to cover the exact same risk, ie public liability. So for a regular market I was involved in organising we bought insurance that covered everyone and everything and it cost us about 80 a year compared to a minimum of 65 for individual insurance for PL
    In your case PL insurance for the land should be sufficient if you are carrying out any lawful activity although there may be considerations of the Occupiers Liability Act that you would need to have a look at (so exploding targets would be a no no) and only buy a policy that doesnt have a load of disclaimers that make the contract unfair but that is always hard to know until you make a claim. You wont need special insurance unless you are organising things for gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del the Cat View Post
    Why do you feel you need insurance?
    Are there public rights of way through the wood.. are some of your friends incompetent or dangerous or are they shooting compounds or bows with unnecessary range/power?
    Some insurance is IMO just a con, they are constantly searching for unnecessary things for you to insure against.
    Put up notices/ flags if necessary and/or appropriate when shooting.
    Insurance won't cover you if you are negligent... if you are not negligent, there is no need for insurance.

    In field archery, arrows can clip branches and zing off in an unexpected direction and for an unexpected distance. I recall an NFAS shoot where a longbow shooter in my group did that on a downhill target - we eventually found his arrow 80 yards past the target, uphill.
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