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Thread: Stolid Bull Black Thunder and Hex 5s tuning issues

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    Stolid Bull Black Thunder and Hex 5s tuning issues

    I have a conundrum.
    Until recently I was shooting my Stolid Bull 25” ILF riser with medium Hex 5s 38# limbs pulling 39 OTF. 8125G 18 strand string. Brace height 7 7/8”. Nock height 1/2”, true center shot and zero tiller.
    My arrows are 27 3/4” ACE 570 spine with 100gr break off points, Easton pin nock, Beiter #2 asymmetric nocks and GasPro 1.75” shield vanes.
    Total arrow weight = 296 grains (well above Borders’ recommended weight). GPP = 7.58 and FOC = 15.3%. I shoot three under barebow.
    That was my “best tune” but the bow was NOISY and I couldn’t group bareshafts. Lower BH gave me contact with the riser and plunger setting and tension made no difference.
    I know from others on this forum and Border themselves that neither the Sids nor Holger (who makes the BT) recommend pairing this riser with Hex limbs above 6 but Holger has a video of him shooting the BT and Hex 5 limbs.
    Taking Sid’s advice, I have now changed the string to a 14 strand FF.
    This significantly changed the tune. The bow is now pulling 35#, the arrows were acting (not surprisingly) stiff, my BH had to go up and the bow is still noisy. No matter how I fiddle I can’t get bareshafts to group - I even tried some old ACC 3L-04 spined for 36#, and both sets of arrows going porpoising down range no matter what nocking point height I try!
    I’ve been trying to tune this rig on and off for pretty much a year now and I’m completely stumped.
    I’m considering going for some suitably spined heavier arrows that will give a GPP over 10 to see if that improves matters.
    Or perhaps some more conventional profile limbs - CVXs perhaps?
    Or, heaven forbid, changing the riser - maybe a Tempest?
    I’d be grateful for the thoughts of any wise heads out there..
    Thanks in advance


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    HexV need a much higher by than most of the following Hex series, so you're heading in the right direction - I shout my HexVs off an 8-8.5" bh, 68" bow. Personally I'd stick with the 18 strand string. 14 is ok for short bows and Hex 7s or 8s. For me anything less than 18 is torturing my bow.
    Sounds like you have contact between arrow and bow. This will produce noise and make arrow appear to be stiff, as well as make it flap about all over as it leaves the bow.
    Firstly work out what's hitting what. My guess is it's the nock hitting the riser around the rest. If you can't eliminate contact, you probably need a different spine. Get some cheap singles to play with or borrow a few.
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