"0utdoor" Portsmouth


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There are some reasonable indoor classification score thresholds for BB and LB that a few clubs including ours use that can be found here.

I have been working with an AGB group to expand the indoor classification scheme to LB and BB officially, but this has stalled somewhat since March following all of the furloughing. This is following the expansion of the Rose awards earlier this year. It is still on the cards though, so watch this space.

Also, nice shooting KC!


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That's an impressive score for out or indoors!!
That's kind of you to say. I've been working on drawlength for a few months, but switching to 20yds it's not so critical. My problem now is aiming. I wear glasses outdoors so the target face is in focus, but the arrow point is badly blurred. If I take my glasses off the point is in focus but the target is really blurred. Outdoors it seems that if I'm aiming somewhere in the 8 ring it goes fine, but indoors I think aim is critical, just like compound. I may try shooting without glasses and see how it goes.