122 cm 5 ring target face

does anyone know where I can get these target faces. Places like Lancaster sell them but the postage kills it. I believe they are made by Maple Leaf Press and are waterproof. My target bag is too small to take a full 122 cm target and these 5 ring ones measure 25 x 25 inches which would be perfect
Thanks I do use 60cm faces but It was these particular targets which are made out of a sort of self-healing plastic apparently and last for hundreds of arrows that I was asking about.


6 ring 80cm waterproof one here:
JVD - 80cm 6-Ring Waterproof Target Face

Not sure if it's the same material as you are looking at. Last time I bought some, the waterproof ones here were plastic with tiny holes to make a sort of mesh. They lasted well as the mesh effect meant they didn't tear any larger than the arrow diameter. As plastic, were also completly unaffected by rain where even the reinforced type go a bit mushy, but would still be a stretch too far to call them self-healing.