2 x bows stolen from south Gloucestershire on 22/08/16



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1 Compound bow kit: PSE dominator Black with custom black camo limbs and custom orange string, orange/black Hoyt pro hunter deluxe bowsling 8 x XX75 platinum plus arrows with orange hens black cock fletching, screw in combo points
Black Sebastien Flute elite bow stand, red insatiable 3 release aid (marked), Infitec compound sight with Infitec scope, spare custom green string, spare 50-60lb green PSE camo Limbs, Easton alloy stabiliser, all packaged in Easton black compound bag with orange trim.

1 Recurve bow kit: Win & Win Apex silver alloy / carbon with wood handle (2002 or so). Easton grey / orange backpack, Sebastian flute premium+ limbs @ 68-38, 3 strings (white, orange, green/black) 2 x AAE Cavalier tabs, arrow tube, 1 XX75 platinum + arrow. black Shibuya button, black Shibuya rest, Beiter Longrod & extender, both with tartan on the modules. brown leather arm brace, brown / black finger sling, etc.

will post a picture of the PSE if I can figure out how..