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I know it's nowhere near other people's, but I don't care - a new PB of 520 at last night's Portsmouth evening. A couple of months ago I couldn't get close to 450, and now I've had 3 Portsmouth's over 500, including in the County comp at the end of January.
Plus, of the last 7 shoots I've done, of all types including an unbelievably windy Frostbite, 6 have been new PBs!
I'm back, baby, and it feels great!


When you're happy shooting, comparing scores is irrelevant. Keep improving, stay happy. Congrats on your PB!

LAC Mark

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That 500 is such psychological barrier, and once broken you gain so much confidence, soon you'll wonder why it was so hard to get there.
Sounds like it's all just clicked for you, well done.


Well done!
It sometimes seems that we have to learn how to shoot over a certain score as opposed to shooting better .
I remember watching athletes on tv regularly failing to get under a certain time for their event. Then, they just scrape under on one occasion followed by a raft of times easily below their previous " barrier." It's as if they have found out how to do it.